Monzo, Plus can’t let you upgrade

Has anyone experienced this with trying to apply for Monzo Plus?

Sorry, but we can’t let you upgrade

Some people have reported this before. Not sure why they aren’t allowed but I’m sure Monzo have their reasons

It’s strange because I had Monzo Plus then cancelled it. Monzo won’t tell me either why.

That could be the reason. You cancelled before

I cancelled it back in August of last year, my credit score has dropped 56 points on Call credit as well as a future -13 today.

Would credit score has anything to do with Plus??

I doubt it, they aren’t offering credit

And credit scores aren’t as important as the report

Made up figures that don’t mean anything at all, each financial service has its own criteria for making a decision. They don’t go off a number produced by any agency. It’s doubtful that any scoring will affect getting Plus.

Have you reached out to chat :thinking:

Yes, chat can’t tell me why but it’s also a complaint I’ve raised to find out why Monzo won’t let me upgrade.

Why would they reject you because of mental health?

Unfortunately, I’m trying to find out.

Update: due to account activity.

You can have Monzo plus, cancel it, and have it back. I’ve done just that. Unless there’s some sort of time limit?

I’m not sure why you’re posting that. It’s not relevant and it’s never a good idea to reveal so many details about yourself to strangers on the internet



I’ve removed it.

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Others have been refused before

Wait for Monzo to tell you if they can. They might not because it’s a business decision

I am awaiting a response to it, does anyone know if your under legal obligation to share medical records with your bank.

Monzo requested it, I have provided them but is there any legal obligation?

No. But if you said it was part of the reason you lost money then you need to prove it. Which you did

You could have refused but then they couldn’t have taken that into consideration

I understand that, as I said in my main thread this fraud thing is massive complicated.

Monzo requested a tone of information, medical records are not easy to obtain either on such quick notices with the GP.

Do you have someone you can talk through things like this with? A friend or family member to support you making financial decisions? You seem to be struggling a bit at the moment

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It’s not that it’s complicated, and not really monzo knows what’s happened.

I won’t comment on it in full as I’m not providing information public but Monzo fraud team are the top notch.

Yes, I have family and friends, and yes I have people right now who are making decisions for me.

Monzo, itself has been helpful at understanding and even tho it had to reach the senior complaints team.

In app chat got back to me now; they can’t offer me plus because the unusual activity on my account.