Monzo Plus accounts and upgrading

Changed from basic account to Monzo plus
And got new features on my account.
This is my main account and all my wages and bills go through this account.
But since upgrading account all Monzo seem to do is barrages you with ads , emails
To upgrade to Monzo Metal…it spoiling the reason i upgraded in the first place.
Come on Monzo stop harassing your customers
Has anybody had the same experience woth Monzo plus?
Has anybody upgraded to the metal card just to stop the annoying messages?

Where’s this barrage from, I didn’t have any when I upgraded. But I do have marketing switched off.

I’ve only upgraded in the past few months and I think I saw one solitary button mentioning it. That’s it.

Also interested to know where this barrage is.

Marketing still on for me.

Mostly emails.
But also showing on my account feed

Not really feeling this barrage energy.

How much is a barrage though, can honestly say if this was happening to everyone we’d of heard by now. Maybe an isolated fault :thinking:

I’ve had yhe button on my banking app and dismissed it .
Job done.
But emails about it?
I thought at first maybe scam emails.
But deffo coming from Monzo

I’ve just checked my inbox, and nothing from Monzo asking me to upgrade to Metal. Tried a number of possible search options.

Not dismissing your experience btw, but it sounds odd.

I’ve turned off marketing in account settings
And blocked further emails.

I’d be careful about blocking emails from Monzo; if you are logged out of the app you will need to receive their emails to log back in.

So we’ve narrowed it down to just the emails you’re not liking?

I also have Monzo Plus and haven’t had one asking me to upgrade. The last few have been about improvements such as the one today about improvements made to virtual cards (setting auto deletion dates). Prior to that was the breakdown cover if I remember correctly.

Have you got a screenshot that shows them all?

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I’m aware of this , but did it while i looked into if it was indeed Monzo sending them and not a scammer.
Either way think I’ve got it sorted out now.
When i looked in my account messages
It clearly shows 5 times since upgrading
Maybe a issue or problem.
Any how read them all and deleated.
Hopfully that should sort out problem.

I’ll have to go and get them from emails

There’s been a couple lately as they’ve added things and improved other areas.

So I think it might just be bad timing.

I’ve had them messages too.
You can just dismiss them if your not interested.
That’s what i did with the metal card notification , but it kept coming back up.
Think may be they are trying to promote this account??

I don’t have a problem otherwise with Monzo
Bank and i am still happy now as when i moved to them.
Just the emails were doing head in :smiley:

I have now

I can soon reinstate the emails no probs

It all sounds very odd, like some sort of glitch.

I’ve not had a single ‘upgrade to metal’ advert in my feed, a notification or anything. I recall one email aaaaaaaages ago but as mentioned since then it has been announcing new features of Plus. I have the marketing option turned on too.

Hopefully it’s all sorted for you now regardless :crossed_fingers:

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Cheers pal.
Think I’ve got to bottom of it.
Because i dont always open my emails
When i receive them.
And it’s a work email account
It seems to repeat the same message
Over again until it is opened.
So you where correct.
Monzo sent out the original email and yhe server kept bouncing it back to my account for some reason.
So original email sent from Monzo 4 months ago.
Message repeated 8 times.
No problem now I’ve set up my personal email with Monzo and it does not have the feature.
Priblem solved …