There's money in your Monzo account!

Just received an email

We haven’t seen you for a while, but you’ve still got money in your account. Can we help you log back in?

I use my account every day, should I be concerned?

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Would check it in case it’s a phishing one, but if you’re worried then you could raise a support request in the app so Monzo support can check your account is all ok.


My partner got this too. He uses it pretty much every other day (though not as a main account) so it was a surprising email.

It seemed to suggest he needed help logging in to the app. We’ve been away this weekend so he’s been using Monzo each day.

I hadn’t actually seen what email it came from, he just deleted it.

Paging Dr Beat @AlanDoe

Can someone at :monzo: please report back on whether this is a legitimate email firing off when it should not be as opposed to a likely spamming/phishing attempt?

OP, likewise I suggest contacting the COps through Chat if still not sure

I got a different email on Monday saying I’d applied for a loan and telling me what amount I could access. Contacted help who told me it was a phishing email but 99% sure it isn’t - especially as it matches the amount I’ve been offered in app…. Had a couple of bad customer experience interactions in the last two weeks so have put in a complaint. It feels like they don’t even read the messages and just hit some auto-response button.

Anyway… sorry to go off topic!