Feedback: Monzo Premium Notification Spam

Just wanted to log in and leave a piece of feedback around Monzo Premium marketing.

Over the last week I have received what feels like a daily push notification trying to promote a Premium account to me. I’ve also received several emails too. I get that you’re trying to push people towards getting a Premium account but at this point it’s starting to feel like spam to me, almost to the point I want to turn push notifications off for Monzo - which is a shame because instant push notifications are super handy.

I don’t know if anyone else is having a similar experience but I’m personally finding it really off-putting.

Hi. It’s being talked about here

There seems to be two settings for notifications/adverts. The normal one and then this too;

I’m getting pretty annoyed by these notifications too, add other accounts, get a shiny card, see your credit score and others. All lead to upgrade and premium costs! All up for the option to upgrade in the app but not literally in my face every few minutes


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Switch it off using the toggle switch, hey presto no more marketing… In theory anyways

I’ve not had any as I’ve got mine switched off

The problem is I’m interested in new things just don’t want to be told about them constantly. I’ve been with Monzo ages and never had as much spam about the new premium account on notifications, emails, etc

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Anything new of value would soon be over Twitter, forum etc, you’d not miss out