Monzo Plus: Account aggregation combined with credit score is awesome

Just wanted to say I have been loving Monzo Plus.

The ability to add my credit card to see the balance and transactions adds a huge amount of transparency and control. Previously, I always had a slight worry around the end of the month about whether my direct debit would go out and cover it - now I don’t.

What’s also great with this is the ability to see my credit score in the app. My main reason for using my credit card is to build my credit score - I can now see this happen. And the fact it only updates monthly is fine - I only pay my credit card off once a month so that’s the schedule it’s likely to change on.

Basically, the combo is great.

One improvement I would love: Currently, the transactions on connected accounts are not great to read (or at least not up to the usual standard of Monzo). Would be awesome to have the same logos, names and categorization as the usual feed.


Welcome to the forum! I’m loving Plus too, for different reasons, but it’s nice to see nice things being posted so thought I’d join in!


I think push notifications for linked accounts could be really powerful. I miss them when paying with my credit card.

Given that all of the usual data used to drive the ‘nice’ stuff largely isn’t available for the other account transactions, I think that while there may be some improvement here it will be limited of necessity to a ‘best we can do with the data available’ approach.

Given a number of the other aggregators do this, who don’t have the data directly from any accounts, it seems distinctly possible.

If Monzo want to be a financial hub etc as they always say they’ve got to at least be more useful than the likes of Emma.

Yeah I think they should be able to given they probably get the same info from the merchants as the other banks do. Can understand why they didn’t launch with it though - definitely not a priority to the rest of it.

There are clear nods in the product to them continuing to improve upon the offering - excited to see it develop.

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