Credit Card integration

Evening, apologies if it’s been brought up elsewhere but I had an idea on combining the budgeting and marketplace aspects of Monzo.

It would be interesting to have an up to date total of spending on my credit cards (I get a minimal amount of cash back and I pay in full every month) and how it will affect my bank account balance the day the direct debit goes out.


I too pay mine off in full, but I suspect the average credit card user does end up paying interest at one point or another during the card’s lifetime (or else the credit card company would never make a profit).

I guess you’d need to design this feature carefully to make it work for the bulk of people and support things like proving a timescale to pay off an amount and being told e.g. how much needs to be paid off each month and how much interest will accrue.

If it was just read only from the Credit Card provider then maybe it would work. I’ve never paid interest on a credit card (humblebrag) so I’m not sure how that appears.

But how it would work is for more technically minded people than myself!