Integrating Monzo app with CreditCard/RewardCard/Avios/AMEX

(Jason Woods) #1


Really loving Monzo right now whilst travelling and I have been thinking about how I would use it more. One problem I have that many others might is that I mainly spend on a Credit Card that gives me rewards and CCA protection. Of course this means all the great money management features of Monzo are something I would miss out on without losing rewards.

I’ve read some other topics and it looks like the Monzo approach is not going to offer any of the rewards systems (which makes sense) and offer protection etc through other means.

But I was accounting the other day and there is software that login to banks to pull out the statements etc and it got me thinking. Would Monzo be able to offer maybe a paid current account that can integrate with other providers like AMEX and other rewards cards where you can carry on using those cards but Monzo pulls in the transactions for tracking and categorisation.

It would even be able to mark in a specific way what payments are debt and which are not! As you’ll likely be paying those cards from Monzo current account.

It also means a richer merchant database as Monzo can use data from the statements coming from those other providers, whilst also enriching that data for end users.

Deeper integration could even mean a future where you don’t have three apps for your different schemes but just your one single bank that helps you manage your money and the scheme people are just linked to that.

Thought it would be great to hear mother’s thoughts on this as having credit card statements synchronising into Monzo to use the rich targeting and budgeting features and rich merchant data would be excellent and make Monzo a bigger part of our lives even we do most of our spending on a reward card.


(Alex) #2

I’d love to see Monzo offer the most boring bank account in the world that doesn’t offer me any mobile phone or travel insurance, or even rewards with airlines or anyone else. I just want somewhere to keep my money and for the bank to be a utility service that doesn’t try to add value via third parties.

But that’s just me :slight_smile: