Monzo Plus ~ 1 month old!

Thank you - I really must find my glasses. R-

Given their focus on profitability, I doubt that will be the case. But given the current climate and turnaround time on any non-trivial software, your time frame may be a bit tight.


1 month from now, which is 1 month from launch, my free 2 months of Plus will be up.

So unless there is Joint Account integration for Plus, I’ll be cancelling then.

Sad really, I like the Plus offering, but the fact it isn’t offered on a JA means it is literally a waste of money.


I thought it was 3 free months?

No. 2. Minimum term is 3


Loving it for the combination of being able to see my credit card balance, pay it off and get updated each month on my credit score - all within one app.

Would love for the transactions on connected accounts to be tidied up though. Feels like a stark contrast to see the monzo spending relative to my other spending and hard to figure out what’s going on. Feels kinda like my HSBC app glued on to the monzo app. Could understand why they don’t do this from a business perspective though (encourage people to spend on Monzo card in order to get the interchange) so tough to balance I guess.

Also a way of seeing a combined view of all transactions would be great (and possible if they wave their magic with the transactions on connected accounts!).

Haven’t really figured out the benefit of virtual cards yet… Not sure why I’d want to pay subscriptions or something else from a seperate card other than security purposes, which feels niche (Defining niche as less than 1% of users would care about it, just guessing).

Same with the export of transactions, I feel like the app should be good enough on it’s own to budget rather than needing an excel spreadsheet.

Monthly updates might be a bit much. Personally I cant see there being enough to say that frequently so a roadmap would be better :world_map:

Then updates can just be given if that changes.

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The official line;

“We’re offering the first 2 months of the new one for free for old Monzo Plus customers like you! If you sign up we’ll put £10 credit in your account, and you’ll pay £5 a month for a minimum of 3 months.”

I’ve got £5 in there for month#3, but I’ll be cancelling once the minimum term arrives.

The minimum 3 months has given Monzo a window to add things. 3 months isn’t a long time in terms of software development, but I think they’ll find a lot of people cancelling if nothing changes.

  • Virtual cards from a pot, limiting their exposure, limiting the uses etc.
  • Pay Plus from a pot

I have no idea why these things weren’t in to start with, but they should be fighting like crazy to get them added now.


Same . I miss the roadmaps . Do you remember @Ordog- the joy of getting the road maps ticked. I was looking at Monzo stickers you have sent to me few years ago. Haha :joy:. I am still keeping the entire collection. I tried my luck to get more stickers but they said they don’t have any new stickers. Lol :joy:

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I think I’m the same. I like plus, and the features within are fantastic for me, but the some of the free Monzo features (summary, bills pots, roundups clutter) are letting the rest of the experience down for me.

I know it’s only been a month, but there has been nothing new added or improved since it dropped, either for free, or for plus, meanwhile they’ve removed a very important aspect with no benefit nor explanation as for why, so now I can’t pay people directly from a transaction on my feed, or see which account I sent the money to.

My next port of call when the 3 months are up will probably be Starling, unless we get something from Monzo between now and then. Virtual card linking to pots with Apple Pay support would seal the deal for me. I can live with the other issues until they’re fixed or improved.


1 month in - and My favourite feature is still the Data Export.

But, all things considered, because of the effort needed to use and make the most of that data, it’s making me realise that I should properly switch back to YNAB, and properly get into using it again…


I joined the original Monzo Plus some time ago at £3 pm. I haven’t signed up for the new Plus as I don’t see the value. YET every month £3 is still taken from my account! So I don’t know if I’m with old Plus, new Plus or nothing. And I really shouldn’t have to ask now, should I? Disappointing.

£3 means you are on old plus and didn’t cancel

Interesting! Thanks for that. Fascinating that there should be 2 Monzo Plus…the thot plickens…

The old Plus will be cancelled at some point and you’ll be asked to cancel or migrate to the new one. Or, you can do this yourself now and get the first 2 months free.

And at some point in the last 6-12 months or so, you should have had some form of contact outlining that you could cancel - though I’m not sure if this was in app / email, or if it applied to all “tiers” of V1 Plus

It has only been a month! Not sure I would use the word stagnant after a month


They might already be built and can be dropped as updates with no effort required, freeing up the previous month and this coming months for dev work on a new feature.

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I think that’s fair to say - it’s brand new so stagnant is harsh.

But I also think that a “month” is a good time interval to drop in updates and such. Weird psychology of timing and stuff like that right?

From the first few days of Launch there was a lot of “we’ll await some feedback and see what Users want before we tweak much more”.

There’s definitely been plenty of feedback, (and I assume from non Forum sources too, given 50k subs) - so I hope there’s at least a brief update by way of tweaks from feedback to come.