Monzo Plus to Google Sheets - tweaks and suggestions

Just wanted to drop in a feedback thread for the Google Sheets functionality of Plus - I’ve been playing with it most of last night, so had some thoughts.

Figured others may too, so rather than a thread for discussing how we all use Google Sheets, a thread for improvement ideas in the base integration.

Things to address for myself:

  • Pot interest payments are not a captured type of transaction anywhere on this sheet - it would be good to capture these as a specific transaction type (though would need to be done in way that doesn’t interrupt a running balance).
  • Split Categories - I believe handling each “split” as an individual row would be a more appropriate way handle data, vs the column with the split details - again analysis on the whole data set is more straight forward with that approach.

Any other things missing / you’d like to see improved in the Google Sheet integration?

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I came here to say the same about split categories. As it stands, it’s extremely cumbersome to use in formulas in my own budget trackers

So much so, I don’t even want to use it. Automated exports, category splitting and custom categories are actually why I signed up and category splitting is useless to me as it currently stands

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Agree on the showing split transactions as separate lines, makes it far more difficult to summarise category spending elsewhere if these are just in a cell

I’d like to have the retailer icon URL in the export. I have an IFTTT-driven integration with Sheets working already. I’ll replace it using the Plus export as a source, but I’ll miss the nice icons that the IFTTT webhook sends over. e.g. =image("")

I’d also ideally like imported accounts from other banks exported in other worksheets/tabs, but don’t know if that’s allowed