Monzo paid account

Currently have monzo plus…will I have the option to change to the new one when it arrives?

I think it is safe to assume that will be the case.

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True…don’t know wether it’s worth downgrading until it starts up again

What do you gain from it now?

Travel insurance mainly

Does the benefit of the policy outweigh whatever the fee is?

Not yet because I haven’t had to use any of it in all honesty…probably answered my question tbh

Yep, there you go. Save yourself the money.

We’ll either build a mechanism to move from old Plus to the new offering (This doesn’t exist right now and it’s not clear if it’s worth doing, I suppose it depends on how many people are still subscribed to the old offering) or we’ll simply ask you to cancel the old Plus before upgrading to the new one. If you aren’t sure if you’re still getting value from the old offering then it might be worth cancelling now. You can continue to use the Plus card, so you won’t have to change cards twice. Totally up to you though :grinning:

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Ok,how do I cancel it?

You need to message support in the app :slight_smile:

Curious to know how much you pay per month and what you get Right now? Just so we have something to compare it to when the new plus comes out

Sorted, thanks.

I paid ten pound a month and had:

Discounts: shops I didn’t even know existed.
Monzo plus debit card with choice of 3 colours
Axa travel insurance for family
Some other thing that was pretty useless hence why I’ve just cancelled

Hope the new one is worth it then

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