Monzo plus and pro

Hi all

I’m new to Monzo I’m just asking if any of these products are worth the monthly fee.

I would go with the pro version but it is missing car break down compared to the competitors.

Thanks, Nick

Hi Nick.

Depends on what you think is worth the money for you - Monzo premium is £10 a month (if you don’t want the metal card) which makes it seem more reasonable (I regret getting the card, as I pay extra for it for it to just sit in my wallet)

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This is something only you can decide. Look at the list of what you get, is that of use to you for the amount you’ll pay?


For me, right now, no.

For me, in the future, maybe.

For you, do what @Revels advised.

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There’s a comparison table in the app which might help you make up your mind

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It will be worth it for some and not for others. Only you can decide.

Here’s a comparison table.


You can choose to pay less without the card?

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I don’t think that’s correct. I can’t see it anywhere…

Me neither, I tried to go through the update flow but I was too scared to go past the removing my Monzo Plus cancellation fee screen in case it confirmed it the upgrade.

You’d think they would mention it somewhere though

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Haha, I did exactly the same!

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I was wondering this. £10 without metal card I would consider! No need for the card as I never use the plastic one now!

I may have just heard that somewhere and got confused. If you get the card, you can’t cancel for 6 months, with the card you’re tied in for at least 6 months, apologies for the mis-innformation