Legacy Monzo Plus Issues

Posts regarding the legacy Monzo Plus product moved from the exploratory ‘New Monzo Plus’ thread.


What about the early subscribers on the £3/month deal, will they be getting a refund too?


You can cancel it if you like by contacting support

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Thanks. I know I can cancel, but was wondering if a refund would be on the cards now.

They flat out refused before


Ah, my bad! Worth an ask I guess, I’m still waiting for a reply to my complaint that I opened on 29th August :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Thank you for the update @tomdavies

I really do hope that it works out this time but as a current Plus member who is still paying money for nothing. I can’t believe that we’re back at square one again on this merry-go-round for the 3rd time now?

Why don’t you just refund everyone and put Plus on hold until you’re ready to launch? It too can be a fresh relaunch just like you’ve got a fresh team, outlook and vision etc.


Kinda wondering that as well - I’m paying for it at the moment and the only two things that still somewhat make sense at the moment is the interest (covers the £3) and travel insurance :man_shrugging:t2:

I hope the signup offer of taking all 3 bundles and getting a Metal Card will still be given to people having taken it up?

I have signed up to Monzo Plus for the home insurance and decided to get the travel insurance for it’s value and the offer. I then also took up the supporter bundle because I thought some swag and a metal card might be nice.

I could have always gone straight through Urban Jungle for the home insurance and I will do that if the offer will not be given to users.

If you are not planning on giving the metal card as part of the offer I do hope you will be offering a full refund as part of a cancellation.

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I have been paying fees since the beginning. Can i get a refund on these fees?


Please contact support in the app @calviin!

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This. :clap:

I’ve been holding out until now too, but I’ve just messaged support asking to cancel and whether we’re entitled to refunds. Only so many chances we can give it.


I am a bit lost, I am on the early package (£3 no extra’s) and I did get interest which made the £3 worth it a little to see what would happen next but I am lost as to wether I still get interest or anything other than a card and custom url now?


let us know what they say please


I will. :blush:


I contacted them to cancel at the last “relaunch” when they announced bundles. However, I was convinced to stay and switch to a bundle instead, given lots of reassurances and so on…

Now I’m back to where I was before with the added bonus of feeling like a fool for falling for their marketing spiel and I’m a few quid lighter again :cry:


Or I would, if anyone responded. :sweat:

I know it’s only been a couple of hours, but I remember the days of super fast support being one of Monzo’s USPs and incentive to join.


I’m on the early bird £3 package.

Say if I don’t cancel then will I continue to get benefits such as interest until the 12 month term ends?


This also all means that the Early Birds who never received swag, despite it being part of the initial premise and Monzo offering to make up for it, are still missing out.

It’s not about the swag, it’s still the principle of it.


Update on this:

Plus cancelled, refund received and a standard Hot Coral card :monzocard: on its way. Officially no longer a Plustomer!