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I need to be able to access my Monzo account online via desktop/laptop. I have been out of the UK on a project since Dec 5, 2019 & have not been able to use my card for anything since I cannot manage it from abroad. I cannot return until this COVID-19 issue is controlled. The phone I had the original download in is no longer but my phone number is the same. I need my account information accessible from my laptop, so I do not encounter this problem again. I can provide any portion of my card information to aid this process or any information in general.

ARM Henfield

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Monzo is a mobile only banking right now. The link @j06 posted will only allow you to view your balance and freeze/unfreeze your card. Do you not have a mobile at all? Monzo is easily movable to a new mobile phone as long as you know your PIN and have access to the email address associated with Monzo. If you don’t have a mobile right now then you should think about buying one and/or using another bank in the mean time. You could call Monzo on the number on the back of the card to help you.

As I wrote this, I did think of another option - you could install the Monzo app in an Android emulator (at your own risk) on your PC/Mac. I have done that in the past as I am on iOS and wanted to try (at the time) an android only feature. It retains full functionality in the android emulator.

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Hi Kevyn,

I’m thinking I will try calling the number on the card. I’m in the islands so it’s not as easy but eventually, I should get through. I tried to transfer this when I was home in the UK but it wouldn’t work.


Use the web version of Monzo to keep tabs on your balance, then in the meantime get yourself a new phone and install the app on there.

You’ll struggle to get through to Monzo on the phone and there are no extra tools that they can give you. So I fear that you may be wasting your time.