Phone is dead, can I manage my Monzo from my computer?

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my phone is dead and in order to buy a new one i need to move money from my monzo savings account into the active pay. is there a way to do so from my computer?


There is no way to move money from computer :desktop_computer: you can however check your account via Monzo API access

Best advise would be to get in touch with support via email and I am sure they will be able to move money from Pot to your account.

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What @SC95 said, or borrow a phone from someone you trust.


This is arguably the only thing my legacy bank does better than Monzo. With no way to access the account other than via your phone, it really does limit your access to your money. I would have thought a basic web interface would have been up by the time Monzo was promoting itself to be a main account


If you contact we can look into this for you

We may be able to complete a bank transfer on request.


How straightforward is it to add your Monzo account to a borrowed/old phone, then delete it securely once you’re done and can switch back to your phone?


It is straightforward but even relatives would raise eyebrows if I wanted to install an app on their phone…or maybe it’s just my family ha ha


I’d hope it’d just be a case of “please can I borrow your phone for 5 minutes”, add Monzo, log in, move funds from pot to available, clear Monzo data and cache, uninstall, clear phone RAM. Done?

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Basically, yes. You’ll need to access your email from their phone so it needs to be someone you trust and who trusts you.


Install disposable browser (firefox focus/duckduckgo?), log in via webmail, clear data/cache/ram and uninstall once done?

What do you do if you have 2-step verification?


Downloading it on a friends phone is great but not massively practical all the time/all people. Monzo marketing itself as a modern bank but unfortunately lacks something very basic. I’ve only ever used online banking twice but its there if I need it but its another one of the small things Monzo is lacking (imo)


Hey Beth, thanks for replying on your holiday :sunny: Hope you’ve got better weather than here!

Monzo is primarily app-based but if your phone and email are unavailable then

  • What’s the extent of what we can get sorted by ringing up* using a landline?
  • Would it be possible to move funds from a pot to available balance just by phoning up?


*For future ref:
From UK 0800 802 1281
From abroad +44 20 3872 0620


Oh, the irony:

I want app pin / other login - “why? Never, under any circumstances give anyone your unlocked phone. Your life is ruined the moment you do that anyway.”

I loose/break my phone - I depend on someone else to give me their unlocked phone…

And this isn’t even seen as a problem …


Or use an old Android/iPhone at home?

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Some people I would, some I wouldn’t and they’d be using it in front of me. Would I let them have it and take it where I couldn’t see? Hell no

And I’d activate Touch ID on the monzo app before I handed it over


There’s a difference between giving someone access to your unlocked phone unsupervised versus watching their every move.

If I borrow someone’s phone I fully accept (and expect) them to be looking over my shoulder as to what I’m doing on their phone - in fact out of respect I’ll keep the screen visible to them at all times.

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dear Everyone
the has already done it
quick and easy :slight_smile:
so tnx!!


It’s not working, it shows me the account balance it’s £0 when i have over £1k in the account, also states that i’m a prepaid user and i have to upgrade since i already upgraded and have a current account, it’s only me getting this?


Best advise would be to get in touch with support via email and I am sure they will be able to move money from Pot to your account.


My app it’s working fine, i din’t lost my phone, i have money in the account when using the app, but i have 0 balance when checking with the link you provided