How do I access my account without my phone

Basically my phone broke and I can’t access my account and need to take money out of a pot to pay for things

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That basically gives you the balance, recent transactions and the ability to freeze the card.

It doesn’t really provide the functionality that one might expect of a modern bank.


Assuming you can access a PC - install Bluestacks (Android emulator) and you can install the Monzo app from the playstore, it runs fine


It really is about time the web version was given a few more features. Even if people don’t want ‘online banking’ as such, being able to do a bit more than almost nothing really would be helpful. Perhaps there could be an option in app so that those who for security reasons, or just personal preference, would rather keep things as they currently are can, but those who want more available online can have more features.


I like this idea, or maybe needing a security code that refreshes every 30 seconds from the Monzo App to log into Internet Banking so people who dont want to use it still feel secure. It could even be a transaction feed “approve” option too.

It would be nice to see Internet Banking soon :eyes:


Although this could be difficult if you can’t excess the app

:((( Monzo web should let you transfer

Pin Sentry or Memorable Information could be an alternative or just the classic Email/Username and Password plus a security pin like most banks have. Mind you the Magic Link via Email is very secure if you have 2FA on your emails

or Just add this :point_up:

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I hate pin sentry devices. That would be worse that Starlings current online banking security

  • Enter account number
  • Enter mobile number
  • Approve on app
  • AND then scan a QR Code.

That is excessive security, id prefer to just have a magic link like the current access is just more features ::))

Monzo tips a nod to the potential flaw in their magic link method. If one’s email account is compromised, then so may be your banking.


Magic links inherently have that flaw - think password reset emails, they’re no different - it’s not specific to Monzo, as much as your argument tries to suggest it is… If your email is compromised you’ve got huge issues.

Besides, your account is read only without your pin.


I have not suggested that at all. I know that other places use this method.

Regrettably, you’ve misinterpreted my post.

Also bear in mind:

You have to know the email linked to the specific Monzo account
If you can get the Magic Link email and click on it…
The Monzo app will ask you for your PIN

Game over. Unless you know the person, persons email and Personal account card PIN. Which can happen in certain situations, but these situations compromise what is known as ‘banking security’ (t&c’s)

In general? No chance.


Emphasis mine. I’m keen to know how I misinterpreted the written word, when you used both the word “Monzo” and “their” .

Let me offer a generalised statement:

“Companies that use magic links concern me, as if your email is compromised, other accounts potentially are too”.

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Whilst I agree with you in part, the number of posts here about people losing their money to scammers who phone up and know Name, address, and DOB shows that whilst in most cases hacking the person is easier I don’t think I’d ever say “no chance” (even in general)

People are far more likely to hand over their information than we’d all like and I know 1st hand that people do silly things like storing their security details in word docs on their computer and note files on their phone

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That has nothing to do with the Magic Link emails though?


Indeed. You’ve misinterpreted it.

their meaning the method they choose to employ. I didn’t say they invented it. :roll_eyes: (did they?)

It really is quite incredible the lengths that some people go to to dissect the use of language in order to justify their misunderstanding of what others say…

There are cases on here of people forwarding the magic link email so I don’t think it’s as game over as you suggested that’s all.