Linking card + app + online account

Hi there. Does anyone know how I link my card to my online profile. So that say I loose both my phone and app, I can still access my account through a computer and freeze the card? Thanks. Sacha

@Sachavdbg I may be wrong but I believe the only way to contact monzo apart from in app is by email.

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Not possible at this time sadly, your best bet is to email (goes to the same team as in-app chat) or, if it’s an emergency, save the number on the back of your card somewhere safe and call that.

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Ok. Also found this. Seems to be the best bet for the future sync ing

Thanks to whomever listed that as an option in another thread.

Ah yes, there are applications that use the API, however I do not know of any on the desktop or web that are publicly available in a usable state yet.

It should be noted that these clients that use the public API do not currently have the ability to freeze your card as per your original question. The private API has it but I don’t think anyone has dared to release anything that uses it yet. :wink:

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