Desktop access - My phone just broke

So, the phone I have had for the last 6 years has suddenly stopped working and I have no access to my Monzo bank account. Being a week from pay day, chances are I will have no phone for the next week at least. Very much a first world problem, but I can no longer access my bank account and see my balance. I do have a “drug dealer” phone laying around something, but that won’t have any apps.

I know Monzo are looking to do things mobile but giving access via the web or desktop is pretty much common sense.,

Sorry your phone broke - That’s never cool.

This won’t help in the slightest, but if I wasn’t changing my phone every 1/2/3 years (3 years at the max), I definitely wouldn’t be using a “mobile” bank as my main bank.

There’s just too much chance for things to go wrong - The fact you’ve managed to get 6 years out of a phone is pretty darn impressive in the first place.

3 Likes will give you basic account access ie view balance and last transactions.

Drug dealer phone - do you mean pay as you go? :joy:


The £15 argos phone that has Snake lol


Haha I also use the same terminology for a Nokia 105 that I got a few years ago for when I back packed around SoCal.
Just to add, I’ve never dealt unless paracetamol counts!!

“Drug dealer phone” aka a “hookup phone” or perhaps just a “dumb phone” (as opposed to a smart phone) :wink:

I’m kinda lucky that I’ve still got my old (now cracked screen) Nexus 6, my old Galaxy 4, Galaxy 3 and iPhone 3 around ‘in an emergency’ (I might keep the Nexus in the car as an emergency sat nav - it’s just getting a suitable long-time between usage SIMs). Whether the Monzo app will run on all of those is another matter (I suspect not the iPhone).

But yes, the web app at will be a reasonable ‘quick fix’ - I’m really hoping as the Business accounts grow, Monzo enhances the web portal for everyone (as I suspect businesses which have accountants, book-keepers etc - even if it is just for an hour a month - would prefer to be able to give them access to a web page instead of fiddling around on a phone display: especially if the accountant etc has multiple Monzo customers).

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