Monzo Notifications on iOS

Hi, I notice that most Monzo notifications are deleted from the lock screen once you open the Monzo app- is there anyway to stop this from happening? I prefer to delete notifications myself. :slight_smile:

Not sure Monzo could make that possible, as that’s an Apple thing I believe.

Happens with other apps including the default mail app.

Is there a reason you would want this to happen though?

I don’t think it’s an Apple rule as notifications I get from Starling Business stay until I remove them.


Must be app dependant, then…

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Thanks for this. I do receive and see notifications on the lock screen but they are removed when I open the Monzo app.
This must be how Monzo have designed the notifications to work. :man_shrugging:t3:

Odd, I’ve an iPhone and I don’t see that occurring. I have to manually clear my notifications.

They do disappear from the lock screen but not from the notifications list.

I’m running iOS 13 Public Beta but don’t believe it’s because of this as I’ve seen it happen before.

Are you grouping your notifications differently I wonder? Mine are set to Automatic.

It is strange that you have to manually clear your notifications and for me they disappear from notifications as soon as I open the Monzo app.

When you say notifications list - I take it you mean where you see new mail, messages and other app push notifications even when you’ve unlocked your phone? (The Notification Centre)

I’m on iOS 12 with notification grouping on automatic. I use the notification view and I always have to clear them.


Response from Monzo when I queried why notifications were cleared. Seems to contradict

what you have said @AaronB1?

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I can only tell you what I’ve experienced. Notifications can be cleared individually or all of them per group, that’s how all my notifications work and I believe Apple intended then to work.

The only thing that maybe different is I’m looking at the notifications view and not notifications on the lock screen.

Monzo Wallet app notifications that are received when you use Apple Pay on your iPhone are the only ones that I have to manually delete. Are these the notifications you are referring to? @AaronB1

Monzo have said that their app notifications are removed once you open the Monzo app. I believe this is the case for everyone.