[iOS] Notifications - switch app to a new device - notifications still on the old

Notifications are not delivered to the app if installed on a new device and left, logged-out, to the old one. Notifications are instead routed to the old app

Details to reproduce:
Install the app to the new device, leave the old one on the old device. Notifications will still go to the old one even if the app, on the old device, is showing “not logged” onboarding page

iOS 15.X

iPhone 13 Max - iPhone 7S (the old)

App Version:


Im sure you can only be logged into one app (on each platform) at a time, or have things changed?

Does this resolve once you delete the app from the old phone, and be sure notifications are switched on for the new phone?

Yes this is the point. You are logged on the new one but the notifications go to the old and not logged one

Seems not to me. Deleted from the old device, turned off and on the notifications on the new one, will then check

Not solved. Still not getting the notifications even if cancelled the app on the old device