[iOS] Not showing any app notifications

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Issue: : Not receiving any type of notification regarding any transaction or any other (for example) chat reply. Absolutely nothing. On the notifications tab on IOS Monzo app has disappear completely, despite the app being installed and working correctly.
Details to reproduce:
OS: software version 12.3
Device: Iphone 7 plus
**App Version:**Monzo 2.46.0 #523



I had this issue after a re-install of the app, found a fix by toggling the ’Transactions and payments’ switch OFF and ON again, within Account > Settings. This seemed to kick the app to pass the notifications request back to iOS settings.

Hope it works for you too.

(Joseph Williams) #3

AS @mattfortune said, his solution should kick the app to iOS for notifications.
Removing the app from your device, restarting it and then downloading the app again may work too.

If none of these solutions works, it may be worth asking COps within the app for help :slight_smile:

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Duplicate issue :wink:


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Thank you for this. (I think) it has solved the problem. Monzo app now appears in the ios notification tab. Now I need to make sure I am going to actually see the notifications on my home screen or not. As soon as that happens i will tick this reply as the solution for my problem. Many many many thanks! :):innocent:

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Thank you… I didnt see it before. :pray:

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Definitely this fix the problem, however It should not have existed from the beginning. I hope the tech guys at Monzo look into this.

Once again, many many many thanks! :innocent: