Monzo Notifications - Joint Accounts


Did a search re Monzo notifications only showing on personal accounts, but coulldn’t find anyrhing.

So today as I needed to check a previous payment on my personal account, I had a notification that on Sat 02/11 no bank transfers between 6am & 9am due to updates.

Now due to me only really using the joint account and have set this to being my 1st account that loads since being able to sort account order.

Also prior to the app update (again this may have only worked on personal accounts) we had a “notification bell” at the top of the app.

So there needs to be functionality of the joint accounts having notifications from Monzo pushed to the joint account

Could you try checking if this notice appears above your joint account now? It’s probably because changing between accounts triggered a refresh, as it should show above both.

I cleared it on the personal account, so can only assume that it removed when going back to the Joint account, will check on the wifes account later this afternoon, I am also on the latest Testflight version the wife is not :wink:

Its on both my personal and joint for me using the live version of the app on iOS.

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Ah yes, clearing it in one would stop it showing in the other :+1:

Worked fine on the wife’s (non TestFlight) but also dosent have the account order changed

Will have to wait for next notification :wink: