Joint account direct debit notifications

Hi community!

I’m at a bit of an impass at the moment with Support so I thought I’d air the issue here to see if there is anyone that has also noticed this.

Mine and my husbands iPhones (one an iPhone 8 Plus, the other an iPhone X) very rarely, if ever, get notifications for direct debits, especially on our joint account.

Support are insisting that it must be our devices, but all the settings are on and the same per device. How they can think it is us that is the problem I will not understand.

Anybody had similar issues or the same issue???

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I’ve never heard or seen of this before and never had issues on my joint account.

do your other apps all appear ok with notifications and do you receive your payment notifications as expected?

I assume you leave your phones on and online overnight when direct debits are taken and the push notifications are sent?

If so then I’d try turning off notifications and reinstalling the apps then turning them back on. If still issues then do a reset all settings on your phones and fingers crossed that’ll kick start the notification framework.

Hi! These are all things that have been tried and have made no difference.

All other apps and every other type of Monzo notification are working fine.

I’d also like to stress this is happening on TWO separate phones. That’s something Support seem to like to ignore too.

Since posting this the support guys are moving on to the iOS team to see if it is something about an iPhone overnight trying to power save.

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I wasn’t ignoring the fact that it’s two separate phones, simply running through some diagnostics that tend to work.

Sounds like a solution will be found soon by Monzo. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hardly fair if they don’t know what’s going on. If this is happening on two phones and three(?) accounts when it’s working for many more of both items where do you look first?

You start with the phones because there are fewer of them, then you move on to the accounts. After that, your guess is as good as mine…

I’m sure it’s annoying but this is the sort of nightmare problem that must be a real pain to diagnose just because it’s so isolated. (Clearly, on the forum we don’t know if you’re a one-off or if there are others out there with the same issue so this may be proven wrong as more is revealed)


I realise that, sometimes people skip over things that’s all :slight_smile:

I work in technical support, so I work in the same logic and I honestly in 90% of cases find it not to be the users device that is the issue. Yes it can sometimes be settings within the device or the app, but once those are ruled out at that stage it is almost impossible for it to be the device, especially when you can recreate the issue on a completely different device.

For me this isn’t the accounts either, by the same logic that can be discounted because it is the same function in each instance that is causing the problem.

The likelihood here, in my past experience, is that the notification logic for direct debits is different than that of the other notifications and that’s where I would start.

Customer service teams (even the one I work alongside) are nowadays all to quick to blame the customer, without looking at the issue first.

I’d just like to preface this by saying I have no knowledge of the exact issue here and nor have I seen your account so I can’t comment on it specifically :slight_smile:

I work as a Technical Specialist so this is exactly the thing that will be passed to me to look into.
We do see a fair spread of bugs and issues but usually, when a bug or issue is reported by one customer on one or a limited number of devices we can say it’s either a device or account specific issue. Bluntly, if a given bug was affecting more people we would have a lot of the same issue coming our way!

An example would be that some OnePlus devices just stop receiving notifications from our app. We don’t really know what causes this and we (at the time of writing) have no fix for it either. It only affects a small subset of customers using OnePlus devices and across multiple models and OS versions. Sometimes a system reinstall fixes it so my best guess is there is a bug in Oxygen OS. We consider this a device specific issue.

I think we do go the extra mile to try and track down and fix bugs - I spent 2 weeks working with Android and iOS dev teams to push some additional logging to the app so we could track and fix login issues with a small number (single figures) of customers. We did this as they were disproportionally affected (ie. they could not log into their app). I think it would be unfair to say we are quick to blame the customer; I am sorry if it has come across that way to you, however.

Again, I’m afraid I wouldn’t want to start speculating on what’s happening here purely because there are so many things to look into and I have seen none of them!
I hope we do manage to fix this for you but when we look into these things they have to balance against priority (ie. does it affect critical functionality like payment processing) and the number of instances we see of it.

I hope this was some useful insight! :pray:


Hi Hugh :slight_smile: at present another specialist called Rob has picked this up and the feedback and constructive conversations that the two of us have had, has been great.

My initial frustrations were more to do with the first line support and their dismissiveness. I can understand from their/the business perspective that this is clearly an isolated issue and not something that is going to affect my day-to-day Monzo use, so it’s not going to be a high priority. Saying that, it has made me question why I am using Monzo if I’m not getting the instant notifications, which is one of the largest reasons we all use it.

I’ve done a quick round up via my friends that use Monzo and most of them can 100% admit they don’t know when their direct debits have come out because they either don’t pay attention to notifications in general or they have just never noticed those ones overnight. This doesn’t mean it’s a more wide spread problem, but it could just mean that it isn’t being reported because there are a lot of people out there that aren’t quite as OCD as me with their notifications.

I only noticed this, in reality, because it’s to do with a joint account. If this was my personal account (which I also don’t get notifications for) I’d have been less likely to notice it because I’d open the app, see the money had gone and that would be that. The fact that without going into the joint account to see the money has gone, I’d have no idea that it had left, is what led me to noticing I wasn’t getting those notifications.

I have recently set up about 7 direct debits on our joint account. I can confirm the ‘direct debit set up’ messages work and next week should have my first debit and can watch out for the notification. I have an iPhone XsMax and iOS 12.

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Sounds about right so far! I got the setup notifications fine too.

I’ve got an OP5 and I get this sometimes, think I’ve narrowed it down to being something about the silent profile because it never happens on dnd or loud


I normally have it on dnd overnight; but I get other notifications waiting on the home screen.

Because of the time the direct debit notifications come in, I’m asleep so I don’t know if having it on loud or silent would make any difference.

I got the setup notifications but I’ve never had one for an actual direct debit payment on the joint account

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