Joint Account Switching Bug

Hi Guys,

Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, new to the community but here we go!

Me and the wife recently went full Monzo (Hooray!) But I have spotted a pretty fairly annoying feature of the joint account set up.

If I am in my personal account and transfer money to the joint account, the app automatically moves me into the joint account… account. It doesn’t tell you it’s done this so when I start paying off my beer tab for example, I am still in the Joinc Account without realising it and therefore the wife gets a message popping up saying “£50 paid to Steve for the beers”.

I realise my mistake when I get home and get told off, all the while wondering how this could possibly have happened! It then dawns on me that I’ve been in the joint account the whole time without actually choosing to be in it! I then have to go back into my personal account and transfer money back into the joint account from my personal account.

It’s happened a few times now, I thought it was just me forgetting that I had moved between accounts but I gave it a try and realised it’s the app switching me between accounts without any warning after transferring money…

Based on this I have 2 suggestions…

  1. Would it be possible to stop the app switching between the accounts after transferring money between them? I don’t see why it would do this anyway, seems unintuitive.
  2. Would it be possible to have a different colour scheme for Joint accounts? Maybe the ability to select a custom background in the app for each account so it’s easy to distinguish which account you are in?

Hopefully, this is some useful feedback for you, or maybe there’s an option to turn it off? Either way, I look forward to hearing back from the community on this!



@cookywook have I posted this in the right place to get a reply!? :grin:

This isn’t a bug you’re describing, it is just how the app currently functions.

There have been plenty of discussions around the UX of the app and Monzo have confirmed that it needs some love. Especially with joint accounts by making it clear which account you’re looking at and the procedure of switching account views. If you have a search on the forums you will find many discussions on this and even some mockups of their planned redesign. I’ll have a look later if I can find some time.

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