Monzo NOT On Credit Report

I’ve been on the Current Account since August and it’s never appeared on ClearScore for me.
Address looks the same to me.

ClearScore uses Equifax, which Monzo don’t report to, so it’ll not show up there.

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Are they ever going to?
All of my legacy accounts do so I’d expect monzo to.

We report to Call Credit :+1:

I’ll be honest… It’s a good reason to keep one legacy account open.


Monzo CA not showing for me on ClearScore, but Starling does.

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We won’t show on ClearScore. :blush:

I think it’s only Noddle that uses Call Credit so we’d show up there.

Perhaps @venkat would be able to share the implications (if any) of Monzo current accounts not being reported to the other credit agencies?


I really see it as a point against Monzo.
I thought the whole idea was to replace legacy banks. Not rely on them for unsupported features.

It really seems like I’m missing something.

Eventually, maybe. But I really don’t think we are there yet (and missing CRA report is one of the minor unsupported features, isn’t it.)

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Just jumped on this thread for a moan.

Monzo won’t give me an overdraft because (paraphrasing) there is no record of me on Callcredit.

My (10+ year old) banks accounts & overdrafts show up fine in Clearscore.

After a week of it “being looked into” Monzo tell me to sign up to Noddle to check. Except I can’t sign up because they don’t have my address in their system.

So now I need to wait “an average of 10 working days” for Noddle to get back to me and no doubt tell me that it will be a whole world of pain to get my address added.

Really not very happy with Monzo about this, it is a complete PITA, and why switch if they won’t use an agency that has an up to date address list

NB I am not annoyed so much about not getting an overdraft, I am annoyed that somehow having given me an account Monzo seem unable to perform the basic checks required to “find” me and my credit history.


That was my issue too, word for word.

What frustrates me is that Noddle/Call Credit require you to manually update your address. I found on my Noddle report that all my accounts were listed at my current address, but my address in my account file was one from 3 years back.

I don’t know if this would cause an issue, but it might be why Monzo couldn’t find my credit file.

Experian and Equifax (ClearScore) automatically update your address once your accounts start reporting back with a new address.


It’s not unusual for a bank to only query one credit bureau, though.

I used to have the same problem with one of my old addresses: It was known in two variations, and only one of them was in the Royal Mail address database. Some institutions used the one version, and some used the other. Callcredit also used the one variant, while Experian and Equifax used the other, and that made it impossible for me to open some financial acconuts, if the institution I wanted to open the account with used a different address version than the credit bureau they used.

Long story short: I feel your pain!

Have you tried slight variations of your address? Are you aware if such variations exist? Have you searched the RM address database?

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Callcredit usually does that too.

Not according to Noddle, who are owned by CallCredit. When I emailed them, I was told that I should update my address on file.


That’s interesting: When I moved recently they did update them all automatically after a couple of months, or so.

My correct address is not in the RM database (and it is not easy to get it added). My correct address is house number A.

My legacy bank accounts, and Monzo account are at my correct address where I also pay council tax and am on the electoral roll.

In the past and sometimes currently I use just house number as that reliably appears in the drop down lists of those irritating sites that either don’t have my address in the list, or don’t allow manual address entry.


Isn’t that because there was already an issue with that - maybe that is required if there is some validation issues and the automatic process cannot happen?

I have previously had this issue but my address doesn’t have variations now, thankfully.

For banks, very few only use or report to one agency:


Yeah, that sounds like exactly my issue! Best of luck!

(Sadly, I never managed to get this resolved. Would be interested to hear, if you manage to!)