Monzo needs to be accessible in a Web-Based Format

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Or just Google “find my phone” and use the tool at the top of the search results to lock the phone down. (assuming location services are enabled on the phone, and it is switched on of course… ok I just realised why this isn’t necessarily the better option :joy:)

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Just need it to be connected which unless the criminal is smart enough to turn the phone into aeroplane node (unlikely because what steal it if you turn off its primary function) and you would need some sort of 2 factor for both payment methods (Face ID, passcode, fingerprint)


Both good points.

Clearly my brain is functioning in the same way it would in the aftermath of losing a phone (not very well, and somewhat panicked). I’m fairly tech savvy, but that wasn’t my immediate thought process.

Perhaps if some advice to this effect was added to the page, it would aid thickos like me :joy: (and maybe save the COps some enquiries).

I don’t want to beat this post to death, but I feel some additional functionality would be useful. Particularly functionality to transfer funds out of Monzo.

I’m going to leave this as my closing comment here; it’s merely my opinion and I don’t want this to become circular.

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These are the requirements for using Googles find my device tool


Quick question for my own curiostity: Does GPay even let you use a card without fingerprint/face recognition?

I know Apple Pay requires bio-auth no matter the value of transaction (though there is a weird grey area with the Watch, as that only needs a 4-digit PIN when you first put it on your arm – maybe it fails if it hasn’t seen your unlocked phone for a while?)

So unless your long-lost evil twin nicks your phone, it’s not that much of a concern anyway.

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gpay itself doesn’t require any authentication to make a transaction in most cases (I believe you have to authenticate for large transactions though). I think I recall reading when setting it up that for some transactions you can use gpay from the lock screen (which would mean that no authentication has been required at any stage), but I don’t know what those transactions would be and I have always had to unlock the phone first.

(Charlie) #27

The grey area is the same with iPhone, you can simply press “pay with passcode”. You may not notice this yourself because when you put your finger on it, it authorised really quickly but try use a different finger to the one you have saved. An option to “pay with passcode” appears :slight_smile:


Oh aye, so it does – the button also appears with FaceID if it doesn’t see a recognisable face for a few seconds

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I think developing a whole Web-based format would be misconceived, the time and cost in developing this would far outweigh its use. We have the emergency platform which I think should be adapted to allow for some transfer into a nominated account (although not sure that this is imperative). For me Monzo should be developing their App further and making it more innovative and intuitive.


Google Pay can just be used like a contactless card for most purchases £30 and under. You just need to turn the screen on. Larger purchases need you to unlock your phone.


I’d have been in strong support of a web based interface before I got a Monzo account - it was actually the main reason I never got a card pre-2016. I was running Windows Phone at the time (RIP you hero) and so Mondo/early Monzo was completely inaccessible for me. Since I downgraded to Android however, the emergency web based system is sufficient.

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If it has sparked interest on a previous thread, then it has been highlighted, hasn’t it?

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i disagree especially for when the marketplace arrives it wouldn’t have the same impact on the web as it does on an App. Prior to Monzo i would only check my bank account online here and there, however with Monzo i can say i open the app around 20 times per day and im assuming other Monzo users are similar. So the engagement you can have via the App is significantly higher than via Web based platform. Sometimes i just sit and play around staring at the beautiful interface while i move my money around from different pots.

Instagram is a great example of why it makes sens to only operate via an App. I see the point about the older users and my answer is simply if you dont feel comfortable with running your life on a Mobile phone this bank most probably isnt for you.


Instagram has a website with almost all features present on the app.

(Ashley) #35

Thats probably because the app is the web app.

(Ashley) #36

The is a valid point in the reasoning of switching to a PWA.

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In the coming years I think internet banking will become less and less relevant. Almost everything you can do in a browser or laptop can now be done on your phone and Monzo have proved this when it comes to mobile banking. The older generation will be getting more and more tech savvy, since generations that have no experience with modern technology are slowly disappearing. My 70 year old grandmother has an iPhone 8, an iPad, Amazon Echo and a Smart TV and couldn’t be more at ease.

If Monzo added the ability to simply transfer using sort code and account number to the web app, then that would be beneficial, but I don’t think it needs anything other than that. The web app is for emergencies only.

If I lost my phone tomorrow and needed to transfer money, I would just give Monzo a call and ask them to make the transfer, or I would quickly borrow a friends phone and use Monzo there.


These are the feature which I think are needed for Monzo Web:

  • Freeze/unfreeze and order a new card.

  • Withdraw money from pots.

  • Delete scheduled pot payments.

  • Delete Direct Debits (required to cancel some subscriptions).

  • Retry Direct Debits.

  • Send bank transfers (including sending to saved and to new payees).

  • Including international payments.

  • Download bank statements.

  • Set up and delete standing orders.

  • Logout phones/pcs and report them as missing/stolen.

  • Message customer support chat (it would probably be beneficial to automatically notify the COp that user is contacting through Monzo Web).

  • Accept Bill Split requests.

  • Approve 3D Secure requests.

Features which are not needed to use Monzo, but would be useful for Monzo Web:

  • Add money to pots.

  • Delete pots.

  • Create pots.

  • Edit standing orders.

  • Bill Split a transaction.

  • Add/remove payments from Shared Tabs.

  • Settle up a Shared Tab.

(Alex Mayo) #39

Add money to pots.
Delete pots.
Create pots.
Bill Split a transaction.
Add/remove payments from Shared Tabs.
Settle up a Shared Tab.

I think, since the web app is for emergencies the above suggestions are just not worth adding. Bill splitting and payment requests can just be resolved by asking someone to transfer it using your account details.

Managing pots is also not really important, since there’s no harm in the pot sitting there until you get your phone back.

The less they can get away with adding to the web app, the better, since it is a mobile bank, not a web based bank. If they begin to add pots and bill splitting to the web app for example, then users would expect any new features further down the line to be added too.


Completely agree, although the ability to add payments to a Shared Tab and the ability to settle up a Shared Tab would be very useful for Monzo Web too.

The features I mentioned in the “These are the feature which I think are needed for Monzo Web” section are the most important. These are all features that I think are needed to run your day-to-day Monzo banking in a reasonable time without having to wait for customer support to answer.