Web or desktop access to Monzo

Hello! New user here. I’ve been searching and reading the discussions about web or desktop access to Mondo, and it seems that whilst a lot of people wouldn’t use it, I’m sure there are many who see it as pretty essential. I use my iPhone for transactional stuff that i can do quickly, but more involved or complicated tasks i want to do using a keyboard and a bigger screen (where I’m much more productive). I expect to be able to set up payments for example on a normal sized screen and keyboard, not having to type in all that information with fat fingers! I don’t need a desktop app, a full-featured web app would be fine, but for me the emergency web-based service isn’t enough, there are some basic banking tasks I want to do with a keyboard and a bigger screen! I have only just signed-up and didn’t realise there was no web access - I hope this will be considered as a key feature request.

Welcome! :grin:

Isn’t one in development for business banking?

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Welcome. You are not alone in wanting a web desktop for Monzo.

There is web.monzo.com for emergencies, but it only has basic functionality.

As a matter of interest, what would you need to do on a desktop that you can’t do in the app?

This has been suggested before, you can vote for it here:

I made a post on this topic previously - I think it is a must for Monzo and I’m glad it’s been brought up again!

Please use the linked thread to keep votes and comments together