Request payment (friends unable to pay using apple/android pay)

For months now, the request payment link has been working fine. Friends have been able to pay me via apple/android pay by following the link. Last week this process just stopped working, no one was able to pay me via apple/android pay.

Monzo support sent me around in circles telling me to delete/re-install app, remove and re-add my Monzo card to my apple wallet (not sure how any of these steps would make any difference to someone being able to send money to my account using apple/android pay)!

Finally, Monzo told me this morning that the service is currently not available with no further info… Why would they stop this :man_facepalming:t3:. It’s one of the best features, and one that always worked when I was with Starling :tired_face:


Does the link load still, or do they get an error when making a payment? Could it be that you’ve hit your limits on inbound payments?

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They get an error at the pay screen, link works fine. I didn’t know there was a limit? Can it be increased, or is this limit visible somewhere?

If that is the case, why can’t Monzo support just say that? :hear_no_evil:

My monthly inbound limit is £1,000 (with both Personal/Premium and Joint accounts) - have you exceeded your monthly limit?

Home → Tap on card → Tap on ‘Manage’ tab under card → scroll down to ‘Limits and allowances’ → scroll down to ‘Inbound’ and check what is left against each inbound type

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I’ve just checked and have over £800 left, so it must be a separate issue. Does anyone else not have this problem currently?


Can they pay you by typing out their card numbers?

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