Payment links not working (card payment declined)

As parent rep for my daughter’s football team, I have been happily using Monzo to send payment link for each week’s subs.

However last week everyone universally started having their payments declined - apart from those with Monzo ac. I thought I’d identified the issue as a rewards app (Media Rewards) causing problems, deleted app, removed all its data; still no better, so completely reset my phone including deleting and reinstalling Monzo app. Sent new link…. Still not working.

This is driving me and 16 other player parents ever so slightly bonkers now that an easy click to pay has been turned into the same pain as any other old school bank ac.

Help please……!

Check your limits in your app. I can’t remember what the limit is off the top of my head but there’s one for each transaction as well as the total over a 30 day period.

You may have exceeded them.

Edit: I looked it up. £100 max for a single transaction and £1,000 total in a 30 day period.

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Contact in app chat as they can see what’s going on

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Thanks for the research @Ordog - I have had a lot of payments recently but nowhere near £1,000 and nothing individually more than £25. Re in app chat - that is what I have been looking for @Rat_au_van where do I find this? I can only find generic help topics which offer nothing more than a ‘was this article useful?’

Sooooo - from your Monzo app home screen, you have to type ‘in-app chat’ into the search bar in the help section and then click on ‘talk to someone’, fight the bot and finally (I am hoping) get a human who can help… Not exactly straightforward. Thanks again for your help @Ordog and @Rat_au_van


No problem. Let us know what they say :slight_smile: