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(Eddy Herman) #1

I was wondering why if i receive a request through there is no option to pay through “my monzo account” without entering your card details. I know we are all waiting for apple pay with our monzo account but even then should there not be a link that takes you to directly to the monzo app and allows you complete the payment as if you were sending money to a contact.

Another feature that is similar to this is to send money to a username instead of a phonebook contact. If these usernames are unique, which they must be for, can you not type in a username and send them money directly.

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(Alex Sherwood) #2

These are both good ideas.

If you are a Monzo user then when you click on a link it should open the Monzo app so that you can pay the person using the in-app user to user transfer feature instead…

Obviously that does beg the question, why can’t you do this -

Technically I’m sure that’s possible (even if it’s a little risky as you might mistype the username, especially with autocomplete :no_good:). But my guess is that Monzo won’t want to enable this, bearing in mind that I have been wrong about this before. costs Monzo money when you use it whereas the in-app transfers don’t. That’s not your problem. But hopefully you don’t mind the friction of adding someone as a contact, in order to make the transfer, rather than having Monzo pay a fee so that you can send the money by username :raised_hands:

(Eddy Herman) #3

I was imagining paying by username not to go through, and therefore have no cost attached, but instead to use the same technology as paying a contact, the internal transfers. I just thought if every user has a unique username reserved for than you should be able to pay straight to that username as you would a phone contact

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Ah ok, in that case that sounds good! I don’t think the profiles are sophisticated enough yet (judging by the fact that users can’t choose custom usernames) but that does seem like something users should be able to do in the future :bulb:

(Adam Davies) #5

Great idea eddy, I think this would work well. I am happy to be patient and wait for apply pay however :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #6

Are you Android or iOS? If Android, you may have the monzo links disassociated to the app or the app set to not open them. I’m not sure about iOS but they may have similar settings. requests don't open the app?
(Eddy Herman) #7

I am on iOS and as far as i know there is no setting like this. Does this mean links are classed as “supported links” on android and open in the monzo app?

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Yes they should do, although it’s not 100% reliable, yet…

(Patrick) #9

Yeah works for me. Any Monzo link just opens in Monzo and any link just goes to the in-app “Send money”. :thinking:

(Nathan Voller) #10

As you’ve suggested, this isn’t always the case

I’ve found that, at least for iOS, it depends on where you click the link from. Clicking the link from WhatsApp for example works fine and forwards to the Monzo app. But clicking from Facebook Messenger goes to Very strange, I’m sure they’ll get it figured out but maybe this is of some help?

(Eddy Herman) #11

ahh so it does on iOS. im not sure how well it works as it wasnt working for me earlier but tried a few more times and the iOS link (when present) is hidden behind the address bar until you scroll up. I suppose that is the fault of apple and not monzo.

There is definitely still some development to be done on payments trough the app like to allow you to send money again to that person like you can if they are a contact and to add more data to the transactions like a note.

I suppose i was wrong about the main point in this post and links can be opened and paid in the app on both android and iOS maybe not as prominent as it should be but the functionality exists.

They really have thought of everything.