PayPal / Monzo transfers

Hi there.

I have a Monzo account, with the debit card - along with a PayPal.

A friend has just sent me £42 for VPS management work, 2 hours, and I went to withdraw to the Monzo card, it said “Instant - Free”, and now it says “Pending - 12 hours”.

Is this normal? Way back when, with Barclays and a Visa Debit it’d be instantaneous.

I am a tad perplexed and worried, is the money lost? Also, it is totally legit, I know this person well & the money had cleared in my PayPal balance.

You’d have to ask paypal. Presumably they’ve flagged it for review.


The money isn’t lost. PayPal just haven’t sent it yet for some reason.

As above probably being held for a review of some sort which could be for a lot of reasons. You can ask PayPal but they probably won’t tell you much useful.

Could it be since my debit card has FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME on it? Whereas, PayPal has FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME as first and last name as last, which isn’t on Card?

It’s possible, to be honest it’s impossible to know what any bank or finance platform sets as criteria for these things.

Is it a PayPal business account or a personal one though?

Personal one - suppose we should consider the transfer a “favour”.

I have just made it, as I don’t use PayPal too much, and deleted it inbetween being paid previously…

What’s the worst case scenario? Surely, I’m entitled to my funds, whatever their problem is.

I don’t have a CIFAS marker or any of that, and I’m not doing anything dodgy - just before people chime in like on other threads lol.

Just to clarify, it looks like this…

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It looks like they emailed you 30 minutes ago saying it usually takes up to 12 hours. Not sure what the problem is? Wait for the time that PayPal says it takes them I guess


I don’t know it just didn’t feel right, more generally - is this a Monzo quirk, so could I use Starling in future? Or is it a MasterCard quirk, and I use Barclays Visa? That was more the point, thus negating the same issue in the future.

Funnily enough, just paid for Mullvad in Bitcoin Cash a few mins ago, and it’s already approved by them, in 3 mins flat.

In future you may get it quicker if you connect your Monzo bank account instead of card.

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It’s PayPal doing their checks, I’ve had money take 3 days in the past.


Interestingly enough, when I went to add my debit card previously – it stated that Debit Card would be ‘Instant - Free’ and Bank Account would be ‘3-5 days - Free’ or words to that effect… I may just use the tried and true method of using my Barclays Visa card.

Over £42 (edit: 43 to 42)? Course, as mentioned above, we’ve no clue as to their processes, reasons behind it etc.

Let’s hope not. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you look at it from PayPals perspective, it’s not really surprising that they want a bit of time to check everything is in order.

12 hours isn’t long to wait. You’ll spend the majority of this asleep tonight.

None, it’s PayPal.


Bank account transfer has been instant for me. I know PayPal made a lot of changes to their bank transfers to make them more instant.

But yea, whatever works for you :+1:

Never tried transferring back to card have always done transfers from PayPal.

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