Payment clearance times


I was sent money by my university bursary on Tuesday pm, but it still hasn’t cleared.

How long does it generally take for payments to update in Monzo ?!


As soon as Monzo receives notice of your funds it shows it in your feed instantly.

If you’ve not received money from someone, check with the sender the method they used, when it was sent and they should be able to provide an ETA.


Thank you waiting to hear back now from them :relaxed:

When great bureaucracy in involved, “We’ve sent the money” can mean “We’ve filled in a form for our payments department to ask them to send the money”, and then can be delays in such a message working its way through the organisation and the money actually being sent.


Ah yes, skirting around giving a guarantee. With it being important I didn’t even think twice lol :joy:

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I’d probably wait a maximum of 5 working days before reaching out to them again.

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