pay using a Curve card - recent declines

Anyone else got a “card declined” recently when using a Curve card on It used to work fine, even a couple of weeks ago.

There is no decline from Curve or from the underlying card. Transaction was approved by 3DS, and no decline or even an attempt shows up in Curve, which means the merchant ( hasn’t claimed the funds (it only requested authorization via 3DS).

No limits exceeded either (error message would have been different)

You using credit card backed to curve? Or debit card?

The card other end may have declined the transaction.

It’s a debit card, and the underlying card or Curve itserf did not decline the transaction because that would have shown up in my Curve as declined (there is neither a decline nor an attempt showing in Curve, which means the merchant hasn’t claimed the funds, but only requestd auth)

Have you exceeded the limit? Are you trying to use a foreign card?

As i was saying, it’s curve card (british) which worked two weeks ago. No limits were exceeded (neither mine nor the receipient’s), the error message would have been different.

I’m interested in hearing from those who tried with a curve card recently

I just tried it.
My card was declined too.

Very annoying.

I just tried it and it worked using NatWest debit as the underlying card.

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Still fails for me and seems i’m not alone. Tried different amounts, even £1, and also different underlying debit cards. “Sorry, your card was declined”

Be sure you don’t have curve fronted on, and no smart rules switched on that may say <£25 use Amex or similar.

Once again, if Curve was to decline the transaction then it would show as declined in Curve, which I explained it doesn’t. Also, Fronted kicks in only when a credit card is linked, not when a debit card is linked, and Fronted doesn’t prevent any transactions anyway (the most it can do is charge a 1.5% fee).

I changed nothing in my Curve, and yet stopped working for me this week after it worked fine for almost 2 years.

I’m curious to hear from more Curve users trying these days. If Monzo banned my Curve card in particular then it seems I’m not alone (would have expected some message from Monzo about it; I’ll contact them after some more feedback from Curve users). works with foreign bank cards, so even if it was that, that in itself wouldn’t be the cause.

Every one who’s ever tried it with mine failed when using foreign cards, has been a year or so tbf since they tried.

I’ve had friends all over the world send me money via and never had a problem with it personally. On their end or mine!

It saves on bank fees, and time. Though some get charge a foreign currency fee by their bank.

I tried it earlier today and it was fine.

Have you gone near your limit ?

Sounds like you just want to come here and ignore other responses to confirm no issues, so it’s solely you at this stage.

Speak to curve, check your limits, if not, just use the underlying card directly and see if that is where the issue is.

You also haven’t shared who the underlying debit card is?

To add, just tried my and it worked fine via Curve, both credit and debit underlying cards.

Again, looks like you’ve ignored the relevance to the conversation and just continued trolling.

Good luck with your search for answers you choose to ignore :wave:t3:

Your interventions showed you don’t really understand how Curve or payment systems work and, ironically, were not really relevant, but thanks for your personal assessment and good luck wishes. Take care now.

What does using Curve achieve? What if you use the same card without Curve, does it work?

have you said what the underlying card is?

The underlying card shouldn’t matter so long as it’s debit. Some banks don’t like though.

I only know one person who uses Curve, and we’re currently running some tests. We’re too seeing some declines when going via curve but not direct. Some are going through, and it’s really hard to diagnose what might be going on here just from user testing. Likewise some are declining via curve and direct, but not via Apple Pay. But those are known bad cards that don’t like, and so that decline is coming from the bank.

Something is failing, and I’ve no idea if that’s happening on Monzo’s end or Curve’s. Just because Curve is supposed to tell when and why a transaction was declined, doesn’t necessarily mean it always will. There could be bugs there too.

My advice to OP would really be to report it to Monzo via chat, or hopefully someone will see it here who can raise it. @Dan5 ? :eyes:

Likewise, I’d report it to curve as well. It might be their problem, or one they’d need to work together to resolve. For now at least, I think I’d rule out the underlying bank, on the basis of our testing.

Banks we’ve tested:

  • Lloyds - doesn’t go through with curve, goes through direct. It’s their main card and has never had issues with Curve in the past.
  • Barclays - goes through.
  • NatWest - goes through.
  • RBS - doesn’t go through via curve.
  • Nationwide - doesn’t go through via curve or direct.
  • Santander - doesn’t go through via curve.
  • Revolut - doesn’t go through via curve.
  • Chase - goes through.
  • HSBC - doesn’t go through via curve.

All banks work via Apple Pay, whether it’s via the curve card over Apple Pay or direct. We tested each bank with the curve card 3 times if the previous attempt failed. Once for all other methods, and once if it went through successfully via curve on the first attempt. So that’s 4 attempts in total where all succeeded (curve card, direct with bank’s debit card, curve via Apple Pay, bank’s debit card via Apple Pay), and 6 attempts when the curve card fails (2 additional attempts with the curve card).

It always works via Apple Pay though. That never fails.

I’m now £29 down on my limit this month. So shan’t be doing any more troubleshooting! Ever since Apple Pay returned I rely on it too much to be wasting my limit here. That £1000 goes down fast!