Issues with Monzo Flex and Curve Anti Embarrassment Mode


I previously used Curve but decided to leave after they hiked their prices. At that time I used my Monzo debit and Flex cards with (mostly) no issues. The ‘go back in time’ and ‘anti embarrassment’ features worked as expected.

I recently returned to Curve as it is fee free for Samsung Pay customers. I have set everything up as before. Everything works except for the the anti embarrassment feature seems to be unable to charge my Monzo Flex card when the primary card declines.

This has happened on several occasions prompting me to contact Curve about the issue. They claim the issue is not at their end and suggested I contact Monzo which I’ve done today but I’m having a challenging time trying to explain the issue.

Does anyone else have a similar setup? Have you experienced issues?

I am aware that the issue could well lie with Curve so will challenge this once I’m able to convince Monzo to check there are no fraud/risk or issues with my card.

Grateful for any assistance/advice.

Not in a position to check this out just now but have you any smart rules that may redirect the payments setup in Curve?

Can you make payments via Curve with Flex generally, not using Anti embarrassment?

Also, if you’re not seeing the decline in Flex, it’s most likely an issue with Curve.

I can’t imagine many frontline Monzo staff know what Curve is capable of.

No smart rules are setup and the Flex card works if set as the primary card, or for GBIT requests.

Interestingly, Curve did say that Monzo’s CS team may not see any of the failed transactions (likewise, I receive no Monzo app notifications when AE mode fails) but that the Monzo fraud/risk team should be able to see what’s going on. This may suggest Curve are familiar with this issue having dealt with similar previously.

In any case, I have managed to convince the very helpful Monzo representative to look into it further and they have escalated it. Will hopefully be clearer where the issue lies once they get back to me.

Worked fine for me just now. The original card was declined due to no funds, and it moved to Flex.

Are you sure you’ve set it to anti embarrassment mode?

Tried removing flex and then adding it again and setting it to anti again?

Ah ha, removing and re-adding Monzo Flex to AE mode did the trick. I really should have thought of doing that!

Thanks :smiling_face:

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I dont use Curve because 99/100 times its curve thats broken and causing issues when I used it.
This is before we get to refunds…

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It’s mostly worked well for me. Their support and response time is quite poor though. But it’s free, so I shouldn’t expect bells and whistles.