- Credit Card Cash Advance or Payment?

If you wanted to withdraw funds from your credit card, could you make a payment to yourself via your own link to avoid the credit card providers cash advance fees/rates? Have they caught onto this?

Probably. I’d assume that this is why there is a limit :slight_smile:

The limit is because it costs Monzo money - also the reason why debit card topups were stopped.

The limit could be there for both reasons? :man_shrugging:

For obvious reasons they’d never mention or allude that you can avoid credit card fees by using :slight_smile:

Oh of course, I was more looking for other peoples experiences. I wouldn’t dream of an employee to say you can get around things by x, y and z :slight_smile:

The last I heard, you can’t use a credit card to pay with, it accept’s debit cards only. It would make a great loophole otherwise though!


My understanding was also ‘debit card only’ although I’ve never tried topersonally prove the rule.


I just did a test and can confirm It’s debit cards only!

I’d like to see the possibility for credit cards to be used… but with a fee attached maybe? It’s a great way for people to pay you, maybe you sold an item?

It be way down on the list of ‘things to do’ as you can just use paypal, or just do a BACS.

You can’t pay directly with a credit card.

You can pay, Starling settle up, dozens topups, even Loot topups, with a Curve card, but Curve now passes the MCC through, so it’s up to your credit card to decide whether to treat it as a cash advance - some do, some don’t. It seems that Tesco and Natwest, for example, treat it as cash.

You can top up Revolut with a credit card, but there are reports of Revolut then querying transfers of funds, so it may not be very reliable.

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Can confirm. Used 3 different credit cards through Curve to top up Monzo and they all went through!

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