Core Experience Update 📣

I’m not sure when it came back, but I noticed I can see the account number and sort code from inbound FPS transactions that I haven’t sent money too, a long time ago Monzo turned this off because ‘privacy’

This is on the latest Android beta.

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I’m on TestFlight so it’s a per user thing rather than an app version thing.

Whatsymagig here too.

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What issues were you having @walderston ?

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:fire: :fire: :sunglasses:


^^ That was the issue… Looks like this fixes it as I can disable ‘Phone number’ and leave the payment link option enabled.

It sure does :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t work in dark mode :sob:

Ahhh that makes sense! Yeah one of the key things we’re trying to do is give you more control over how you can interact with others. So as you said, previously it was all or nothing. Now, you get greater flexibility with and phone numbers,


Oh wow, I’ve just seen that you’ve updated your gif - that’s so cool!

Defo not on my Android phone :sob: I was looking for something much more subtle


You realise that the QR code is just your link, so if someone scanned it, all they could do is send you :pound::pound::pound:


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Yeah, but it shows people your full legal name, which is not something I’d want!

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Interesting, mine only shows first & last name, no middle. Maybe something you can message Monzo support to change?

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Oh, I don’t have any middle names! So first and last is my full legal name.

I wish it would only display first name like Cash does.


You mean you’re not really called Tom MacMonier? Next you’ll be telling me @Revels isn’t called Daniel!

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Can someone explain to me if I’m being thick or not, I’ve only gone to check since the QR code has been added, but the Shared tab, is it possible to create a shared tab and include people on there who ARENT on Monzo?

I feel like some time in the past I did it and I’ve just forgotten entirely?

I believe you can bill split with non-Monzo but not a shared tab with non-Monzo.

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man that would be ideal, bit weird how you can split the bill with people not on Monzo but then you can’t see that in the shared tab.

Because the non Monzo can’t join the shared tab, thus can’t create a shared tab.

I was under premise that Kroo was going to create something like this but I was completely wrong :sweat_smile:

Oh yeah I get why it currently doesnt work but whats stopping us from adding it ourselves.

Creates a new name on the shared tab for Carlos, then share a link from within that name which is unique and linked, once it is paid it marks Carlos down as paid?

Or even if Monzo is able to pull who’s name the incoming payment is coming from and as long as the name you’ve set is the same Monzo can detect its them and mark it as paid that way

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