Monzo me can't request

First time trying to use Monzo me. I don’t have a request option on the payment tab in the Monzo app. Why is this?

Have you enabled ‘payments with friends’ in settings? :slight_smile: Pretty sure this has to be enabled to allow you to use :monzo:


I don’t see the option in the settings. How do you get there?

Head to the Account tab, tap your name at the top, tap Settings on the top right.



Really don’t like that payments to frinds is liked to :disappointed:


Thanks. Did it in the end. Weird you can only request £100 but they can edit it to any amount when they send it.

The site still won’t let over £100 even if the link is more, if you open your own link in incognito you’ll see.

I’d like to understand this, what don’t you like about the Payments with Friends setting?

There are a number of threads covering this now…

A link should be something that I can send out to anyone to use, regardless of whether or not I have enabled contacts access in Monzo :+1:


Maybe someone should merge all the threads on this. There are quite a few now :joy:

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