Increase £100 limit

We can current use the customise amount to request money from others however it’s currently limited to £100. Can we request that amount be increased?

When booking holidays and then sharing the “owes” for each person, it would be much easier to be able to send the exact cost that someone owes via the customise amount so that they can pay from the link - rather than having to ask them to go to their Internet Banking or having them to double check that they pay the correct amount that they owe!

It can’t be increased. I think its set at £100 max due the costs involved that Monzo pay.

You can obviously make multiple payments of £100, or use sort/account.

Seems annoying compared to Starlings which is limited to £99,999,999

£100 is the current limit for requesting money using, since it costs Monzo when you use it.

However, you can request a much higher amount from other people with Monzo using the request feature in the Payments tab.


My partner is now questioning his choice to go full Monzo because he can’t easily request the £150 his friend owes him through this method.

Is there any likelihood that this will ever be increased?

A bit dramatic isn’t it :rofl:


He can send one request for £100 and another for £50.

Granted, this is a little fiddly and not as straightforward as sending one request for £150.

But it’s still better than almost any other bank he could be with, where there’s no option to send requests for anything at all!


He is just finding lots of little things like this are adding up to him questioning his choice. He can’t understand why he can’t do something as simple as requesting money in one go. To be fair to him, it doesn’t explain the reasons why he can’t do this in the app.

Starling doesn’t have this limit, and Barclays has a £2000 limit.

A £100 limit seems almost laughably small. It essentially means of the banks which offer this feature, monzo are the worst option.


I can understand that because there are a few shortcomings with Monzo but I don’t see this as being one. Other High Street banks don’t have a request payment by Debit Card function at all so I don’t see what he’s missing out on by being with Monzo here?

Are we ignoring the competition? Even Barclays has a limit 20 times higher. Theres no reason it cant be higher, and it would make Monzo the leading bank in that area. Its OK that its shit because another bank doesn’t have this feature at all doesn’t paint a nice picture of Monzo.

I don’t appear to have the ability to request a payment via a Debit Card within my Barclays app :man_shrugging:t2:

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It’s in pingit. £2k limit.

Or starling with an effective unlimited limit.

It’s still no reason not to up the limit in monzo. It’s currently not leading the way.

PingIt can be used by anyone; It’s not even called Barclays PingIt anymore so the OP could just use it like they could use PayPal.

Even a Barclays customer has to jump through exactly the same hoops as anyone else.


It seems like you’re entirely missing the point. What is there to defend here? It should be higher, it clearly can be, the competition are doing it by a significant amount. This just makes Monzo bottom or the pile instead of leading the way like they are supposed to be.

I got sent a payment today via (sent them a link via iMessage) and received £200. Is it only a limit to what you can request?

Starling has a £250 limit. PingIt uses a separate payment scheme that is typically without direct cost so they’re able to offer a much higher limit. Monzo are trying to build a sustainable business, it’s likely the case that Starling have determined the value of offering £250 exceeds the payment costs, whereas Monzo have determined that £100 is the limit. I think that’s a reasonable conclusion, I’d also guess part of the reason is they do not wish to become a tool used by merchants for taking customer payments.

@anon38670904 if they’re a Monzo customer then opens the Monzo app which has no limit, the limit is only for making credit/debit card payments via for non-Monzo customers.


The more you know. Thanks for clarifying :+1:t3:

Who said I was defending Monzo?

I simply said other High Street banks don’t offer the same service as Monzo before people jumped down my throat.

Fact is, Barclays don’t offer it in the same way as Monzo either. As a Barclays customer you still have to sign up to a separate service with a separate app that any other person with a bank account can do, just like they can with PayPal or SplitWise or many other services.

If you’d have said Barclays PingIt from the beginning, fair enough, but you gave the impression at least to me that this was some exclusive built-in feature of being a Barclays customer which simply isn’t the case.

Does that mean it Monzo couldn’t increase the limit, no. But they could also offer paying in for free and many other things, but they’ve chosen not to for reasons they’ve explained. Do I agree with them, not always, in fact mostly I don’t!

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I missed this? I don’t believe they’ve said anything about why this limit exists?