I think it’s a privilege reserved for iOS folks for now :wink:

iOS app allows you to have profile picture which is then displayed at your link as well.

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Thanks @RichardR, perfectly explained, as ever. The reason I asked was the original launch blogpost covered it:

As you know, we’re committed to being as transparent as possible and sharing new features as soon as we can so you can try them. This is very much version 1 of and for now, everyone gets an automatically generated username based on their name (even our CEO). Over the coming months, we’ll be working to improve across the board and will look to let you choose your own username. When that happens, we’ll find a way to do it fairly to ensure everyone gets a chance to grab their favourite username.

I’ve just tried loads of variants and they are all taken :tired_face: so had to settle for one, better than what it used to be though :slight_smile:

Hmm same here, some namesake got in before me, or maybe he doesn’t have a middle name and always had it. Maybe I should send him 1p to ask if he’s actually a Steve :thinking:

:rofl::rofl: The battle of names has begun!

just reserved mine :smile: (although I would have preferred to be able to choose a nickname)


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