Nationwide Debit Top Up

Constant problems here with trying to top up. Card did work. Checked with nationwide they don’t even have a record of the failed transactions reaching them but Monzo reports it is failing at the 3d secure stage.
Very very frustrating. Re-entering details makes no difference. Any fixes?

As much as I’d like to help, the quickest way to get this sorted is probably going to be by contacting the support team via the in-app chat or by emailing to be honest.

We can offer guesses about what the issue will be but they’ll know for sure & they’ll have visibility of more information to help them spot what’s happening.

I’m not aware of any known issues related to 3D secure.

It’s probably Nationwide not wanting to part with the money and a loss of another customer to Monzo!!


Hear, hear!

(that’s all I wanted to post, as insightful and just ‘enough’, but it forced me to write 20 chars, so yeah, have 140 chars now)

I had an issue with my Nationwide card on one of my first few topups. I don’t think I did anything to fix it. It just worked after a while.

Nationwide has a crappy 3D secure implementation that instead of sending you a code/asking for your online banking password (something that’s guaranteed to work), they try to be “smart” by fingerprinting your browser and then trying to guess whether the transaction is genuine or not, which doesn’t always work.

I had this issue once with them where I bought something online from my home connection and then bought something else using my work laptop, which has a different IP address. The idiots blocked my card for 24 hours, and even their helpdesk couldn’t do anything - they did approve the failed transaction as genuine but it didn’t solve anything.

Your best bet is to try again in 24 hours, use another network (your home wifi) or maybe give the money to a friend in cash and use their card. :slight_smile:

I top up from nationwide debit card all the time and have never had any issues :flushed:

Yeah I’ve been lucky my Monzo top ups always worked, but due to their awful 3D secure system not everyone has good experiences.

Maybe Monzo should detect when 3D secure rejects top-ups and present a proper explanation asking to contact the original bank?

These checks will become much less of an issue once Monzo launches the current accounts & user’s salaries are being paid into their Monzo account too.

There must be some sort of message that’s displayed in the app already though, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t give this advice already…