3DSecure Fails on Coinbase

(David) #1

Just tried to use my Monzo card to purchase some Bitcoin on Coinbase and had it fail as 3DSecure isn’t supported.

MasterCard SecureCode / 3D Secure
3D scan for crypto
(James Billingham) #2

Mondo cards don’t support 3D Secure. This isn’t a bug - arguably a feature really…

Card declined reporting
( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

or Monzo cards either :slight_smile:


Hopefully the planned Debit card will support MasterCard SecureCode.

(James Billingham) #5

Hopefully it can be turned off if so…

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Richard confirmed yesterday - in a roundabout way - that this is in the works:

Card declined reporting

Just out of interest, what’s the issue with 3D secure?

(James Billingham) #8

For Mondo, it probably won’t be that bad, because they’ll implement it in a way which isn’t too terrible.

For most banks though, it’s such a pain to use. The UX is awful, and it is a bit of a phishing nightmare.

From a merchant’s perspective, we do actually use it, but I do still hate it.

(Henry Pedro) #9

is there a work-around this issue. its seems chat app is swamped at the mo…

(MikeF) #10

What issue?

3D Secure still isn’t supported if that’s what you’re asking and you can’t work around something that doesn’t exist.

(Henry Pedro) #11

not to worry, the matter is resolved. a bit crap.

out of curiousity, (for users of coinbase who are on the preview current account) has 3D secure worked when executing a transaction?


I just tried to use Coinbase on my Preview Current Account and it didn’t work :frowning:

(Henry Pedro) #13

thats not good wasnt the current account supposed to address the 3DSecure situation?

(Daniel Hale) #14

Did you ever sort this out? I’m struggling too…!

(Henry Pedro) #15

i used a different card for the transaction. maybe @simonb or one of the monzo players can shed some light on this for CA users.

(Simon B) #16

Our CA Alpha Preview doesn’t have 3DSecure (or SecureCode as the Mastercard implementation is known) I’m afraid.

We are definitely building it though, for the full current account!

I don’t have an ETA for it unfortunately but I do know it’s something being worked on heavily at the moment.

Interestingly, MasterCard are launching version 2.0 of SecureCode next year, which should allow us to provide a much better flow experience (1.0 is quite limited unfortunately) but we are working on our 1.0 implementation at the moment.

(Louis Otto) #17

Just to tack on here, I just tried with my CA debit card and Coinbase couldn’t authorise the payment because the card lacked 3Dsecure. I assumed we’re out of the BETA for current accounts now, though?


Unfortunately, it’s still not available; Here are a couple of responses from Monzo staff.

(Louis Otto) #19

Thanks Ali, makes it a bit clearer. I’m starting to really dislike those moments where my legacy bank ‘wins’ against Monzo haha

(MikeF) closed #20

MasterCard 3D Secure discussion continues in the thread linked above: