Monzo Logo Design Change?

(Peter Reid) #63

Thanks Natalie!

Definitely makes sense to me

I’d been looking at Monzo’s trademarks the other week and noticed this one - so it’s been a thing quite a while as you say.

I suppose now the icon picker is available on both platforms use of the logomark as the app icon could be possible :man_shrugging:


Give us an option to change card colour please!

(Gareth Lowrie) #65

I love them, so clean and fresh.

(Christopher Elliott) #66

New years Joke? The old logo was fun this is just bland, this rebrand looks like it was done in word.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #67

Did you join just to post this? I mean, there are other ways to convey your dissatisfaction, but hey - you do you.

(Richard Bairwell) #68

Why doesn’t Monzo use the colourful loved branded ‘m’ as part of their name - i.e. [m]onzo? (would do a mock up, but meant to be working and I’m no image editor)?


I don’t mind it. It’s what’s on the card after all. It’s just not very distinctive. Everything has been a bit disjointed in terms of branding for a while now. The app, the card, the logo, the website and so on all feel like they’re different attempts at branding.

(Tony Hoyle) #70

I notice the icon on the community board has changed to a grey circle also. Is that part of the rebrand?

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #71

I think that’s the default Discourse logo.


I think this is key - associate the brand name with the cards


I think keeping all the cards the same colour is important for the brand

So is having all the branding in line with one another i.e. more hot coral throughout


I do always think that if you imagine the card without the word Monzo on none of the card particularly links with the app. No Hot Coral within the app (other than the picture of your card). No hint of the Monzo M logo on the card

(Christopher Elliott) #75

I been a monzo user since the start it is bland and does look like it was done in word, had no need to join the forms before. The grey is so cold, look at there main twitter page now the dark blue does not work. I hope they dont change the icon on the app!

(Splodf) #76

That’s just plain wrong and I don’t think you really mean it.

The white Monzo on the dark blue looks great, its clean, understandable and shows really well in contrast to the dark background. It is not however very Monzo, a colourful, vibrant and fun brand.

(Christopher Elliott) #77

Your Wrong look at the look at there main twitter page now the dark blue does not work as there banner image is dark blue as well does not pop out to me.

(Tom ) #78

I don’t think, when it comes to design, anyone can be “wrong”.

Edit: I take it back

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #79

I like it

(Max Darby) #80

Nothing to panic about guys… We did the same at our company, 75 year old logo, but we made it a little more simplistic for our global social channels, considering we wanted consistency in over 120+ countries too.

Smart move :+1:t2:

(Jack) #81

Still has the :mondo: in hot coral :heart:

(Emma (still not the app)) #82