Monzo Logo Design Change?

(Jai Sullivan) #43

I don’t think so personally — I was just using Apple as an example. Although branding and design does follow trends, does it not. Again, take the Apple logo over the years? I’ll be suggesting @tom wears turtlenecks next :stuck_out_tongue:

(Peter Reid) #44

Don’t mind the rebrand, but I miss the old making monzo logo :frowning:

(Gareth) #45

I preferred the old logos if I’m honest. The new logo can be harder to distinguish from a distance (logos can be pretty small on social media). I also preferred the coloured approach. Everyone has an opinion though :slight_smile:

(Jai Sullivan) #46

I think we can all agree, that most normal people (normal being those who don’t live on this forum like I do :wave:t3:) really won’t be that bothered :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t say I ‘hate it’ but did like the colour M

(Alex Mayo) #48

Monzo have just gone and removed a highly recognisable logo in favour of a boring, First Direct style line of text.

A sad start to 2019 :sob::sob:

Y U DO THIS :face_vomiting:


Not sold on it myself. Like the idea of a consistent rebranding, just, this seems a bit bland. I’m with Marcus that the different M’s were great and distinctive. You can maintain a brand and still do that.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #50

I’m just gonna monitor this topic for the first OMGZ I’M CLOSIN MY ACCOUNT BECOZ OV DIS YOU GUYZ response…


Oh my god I’m closing my account because of this you guys


Seriously though - it looks much worse now


I like the :monzo: but they are trying to grow. And they’ll grow quicker with just “Monzo” as the logo, the :monzo: quite frankly means nothing to everyone else who doesn’t already have an account. The only thing I think they should change is some of the headers so it includes the card as they have completely lost the hot coral unless they are removing it completely :frowning:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #54

You going all Teal on us, Monzo gorl?

Dulllllllllllllllllllllll rebrand.

(Tom ) #55

I saw the :mondo: as their brandmark, which worked well on social media because there is always a textual element of the social media handle.

At my work we use our brandmark as our social media avatar and the logo in our headers. It says what who we are in our username - it’s just doubling up.

Don’t like it, but I’m also not weirdly adverse to change, so whatever. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Shouldn’t the community logo be updated too?


Having had a bit of time to reflect, I think the intention is good but the execution less so.

Controversial opinion: the :mondo: logo has never properly worked. The brand was originally meant to be something like this:

So, a dark blue with the multi-coloured logo. When the hot coral won big-time, the brand evolved in an unexpected way and left, I think, the multi-coloured Monzo logo a bit orphaned.

If there’s not a big masterplan (backed up by data) to have the full “monzo” name out there, I would personally like to keep the M, but maybe without the colours. Some of the white on hot coral versions we’ve seen on card mock-ups (and on the back of some cards) are actually great and would help unify the M and hot coral design elements:

If we’re going full on wordmark, then I’d have gone for the hot coral again, so something like this:

(Both courtesy of @kennygrant from here)

(Jai Sullivan) #57

I’m loving that hot coral ‘M’ mock up!


As a general look across social media channels, it looks OK - But considering Monzo has always been about “Hot Coral”, it seems an odd choice to really dumb it down to navy (appreciate navy has always been a secondary colour).

Gut feel is the “hot coral” branding probably wouldn’t appeal to the millions of potential customers like the new branding does (relatively inoffensive).

Personally, prefer the old logos (especially the making monzo one).


Unless they’re consciously going for a more generic online identity which will act as an umbrella look for both personal and business monzo. I don’t see hot coral being used as a main colour for the latter.


Oh, I completely agree, and that’s part of the point I was trying to convey.

But in doing so, they could “upset” the initial supporters who liked the original branding.

Of course, in 5 years time no one will remember, and they’ll have a more universally appealing image/feel.

(Natalie Price) #61

Hi everyone! I’m a visual designer at Monzo and just wanted to give a bit of context on our decision to refresh our social media avatars.

Most importantly, I’d like to clarify that this definitely isn’t a rebrand! But as we grow in size and visibility and, in particular, as we create more and more social media pages (we now have Making Monzo, Monzo Status, Monzo Money Tips on Facebook, etc.), it’s really important that we ensure our visual language is as cohesive and consistent as possible. That’s not to say that using the wordmark like this is necessarily a perfect solution – it can and will be iterated on – but that’s why we’ve headed down this route on social media. There are some things about the avatar we will fix, like the fact that that it doesn’t work well at a small scale, and the fact that there is now an inconsistency with our app icon.

I also wanted to clarify that the Monzo wordmark we’ve used here isn’t a new design: it’s something we’ve had for a long time now, and is one of the most widely visible parts of our brand, because it’s on the front of all our cards.

I hope that helps give some context! Thank you for all of your comments on this – keep them coming :blush:


I think I prefer it.

There are quite a few apps or websites with a very similar M logo as Monzo. Keeps things clear and simple.