Monzo Plus Card Logo, Much Too Subtle!

The Plus card logo is way too subtle, you can hardly see it. Much prefer to see the plus logo with more clarity, I mean why hide it away?

Agreed - if you went for Hot Coral I think you’d have a hard time persuading anyone its a different card!


I disagree. I like the fact it is subtle.


Personally, I’d want a premium-looking card that was clearly ‘different’ at a glance. Especially given that’s more or less all you’re paying for right now.


I agree in that a premium card like this which is after all a feature of the plus product should reflect the fact that it is a premium card and should ooze quality. At the moment this card just doesn’t say that to me or anyone else IMO.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really care what the card is like. Of course it’s nice to have a different card, but when I whip it out of my wallet it spends about 15 seconds on the card machine before it goes back in.

Mostly I chose a different colour so that mine and the mrs don’t get confused.

The logo doesn’t matter either, I know it’s there but I don’t particularly want to show off about it.

I joined Monzo Plus for the extra benefits, and because I like to trial new stuff on offer as well as support Monzo financially. The card is largely irrelevant, it doesn’t add any features or benefits, it’s just for showing off.

But as I’m not a millennial perhaps we have different thoughts about what a premium account should offer.


Agreed, but I am enjoying that the card colour is different from the JA card but I would have preferred the JA to be the one that’s different.

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I thought this - i was thinking it would be a bit more visible or even a faded white like the pics on the app seem to show

Midnight sky

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but apart from the creative choice with the colours, I think that the actual quality of the card feels cheaper than the original card. It almost feels like they have just machine printed over the old card template, my card number was already half worn away just from opening the letter.

I don’t know if I received a card that slipped through QC but I am not very happy with mine atm. Feels like a fake monzo card…

Yes. Card production issues have been discussed at length in other threads.

#searchisyourfriend :smiley:

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