Monzo Logo Design Change?

(Jai Sullivan) #1

The Facebook comments are not so receptive, but I like simplicity! Is this part of a wider change we are going to see this year? :monzo:

(Michael Tinsley) #2

That’s bad. Just when Monzo is becoming pretty well recognised, they change it to the most generic thing they could

(Kristian Hoyle-Johnson) #3

I’m not a fan of this new design. I love. the M logo!

(Jai Sullivan) #4

I can definitely see why people would have strong, differing opinions on this. I thought the ‘old’ logo looked slightly outdated if I’m honest. Each to their own, though! Although I do tend to agree regarding being recognised etc.

Edit: I’d love to see more hot coral in app and branding in general so that it’s actually related to the card design.

(Michael Tinsley) #5

I get that, think mainly due to the washed out pastel colours. They should’ve updated the logo, not just go on paint and insert a text box

(Richard) #6

Dunno… i’d like a card in the navy… the hot coral can be a bit of a dirt collector in the ol’ wallet…

(Jai Sullivan) #8

Agreed, but it’s so :heart_eyes:!

Referred my dentist and his assistant earlier today purely due to the card being the conversation starter (as usual) :joy: Had to go proper old school and pay via card over the phone :man_facepalming:t2: Otherwise Apple Pay FTW!

(James Prince) #10

I like this, a lot! Its very formal, less ‘childish’ … looks neat and clean.

(Jai Sullivan) #11

Nicely put, I agree!

(Simon B) #12

I wouldn’t say so, like everything else, it’s iterative.

I’m sure our designers have some pretty wide projects going on, but there’s no giant all encompassing “rebrand” project going on or anything like that.


Its nice but as everyone else put…we’ve seen it before

(Jack) #14

The word monzo in that style has been around for a long time. It’s not really that new, I wouldn’t call it a rebrand.
I don’t mind it either way to be honest.

(Jai Sullivan) #15

That colour too? Didn’t realise.

(Jack) #16

It’s been on the website for some time next to the :mondo:

To me it’s more about consistency with what they use and where.

(Richard Cook) #17

Hi everyone! Well spotted on the new profile pics.

Now that we’ve grown our channels a bit, we want to make sure that we maintain consistency between them. The Making Monzo Twitter profile should look like the Monzo Facebook page, which should look like the Money Tips Facebook page… and so on!

So the new profile pictures reflect that. They’re a fresh lick of paint for the new year, and an opportunity to make sure Monzo pages all look like Monzo!

Let us know what you think! Love it, hate it?


It looks a bit… Viola Black.


(Simon B) #19

Why do I feel like this could become the defining meme of 2019 on the Monzo Forum?


((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #20

Re-looking at all of it, including the website and what was there before, I now agree with this.

I’m sure the coloured :monzo: will still be used but on it’s own it doesn’t say much to those unaware of the company. I’m all for consistency too :nerd_face:

(NM) #21

Is there any Chance we can see any of the designs that didn’t make it through? Just as I’m curious.
Also it reminds me of the Oxford University colour Scheme( I assume its not the same RGB code just as I’m pretty sure they have the trademark)
EDIT:Its not I checked :grin:

(Hugh Wells) #22

And so early on as well :sweat_smile: