Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs 📑

(Timothy Roberts) #121

Couldn’t see an option to customise what a person owes you. For example, £20 Morrisons shop. My friend may only me £3. Seems to default to splitting the bill. Also, is there an option to export and send to non Monzo users? In the format of a casual invoice (pdf) for example. Love the initial idea and think it can be a great feature. Few tweaks needed though.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

(Sean) #122

So glad you’ll definitely ship non-Monzo payments :grin:

In seriousness I’m excited about these changes; it’s going to round the feature off very nicely in a way that I don’t feel has been finished with bill splitting yet. Personally I bill-split with the same people regularly so this is a big win.

(Tim) #123

That’s definitely not what I said :stuck_out_tongue:

(connorianreilly) #124

Shared tabs are replacing splitwise for my flat share this month :hugs:

Understanding more pressing features are being worked on, the ability to automatically add certain bills (like council tax, bulb etc) to a shared tab would be very useful!

(Nathan) #125

This would be excellent!

(Nathan Voller) #126

Any answer on this one @tjvr ?

Also, how does it work with categories/budgeting? Does what I settle up in a tab count against my category spending? And if so, does it take the category from the transaction owner’s category - which might not be how I want to categorise it.


I’m a little confused about the difference between the above image and shared tabs :confused:


Bill Splitting is for one transaction between multiple people.

Shared tabs is for multiple transactions from multiple people.


Makes sense, thanks!

(connorianreilly) #130

Ability to unevenly split a tab transaction and add a transaction to a tab from the transaction details screen. :eyes:

Edit: added to testflight …

(Sean) #131

The ability to add to tabs from transactions is excellent! :partying_face:

(James Walker) #132

The ability to add non Monzo transactions would be amazing.

(Nathan) #133

This x100

Be a big step for me of having monzo not just as a banking app but a key money management tool.


Having trouble here… just activated it to try it out with a restaurant bill etc, but it isn’t working for me. Presented with the following broken link:

(Martin Hickman) #135

I personally find it annoying that when the other person pays it just shows that they paid a lump sum rather than it showing they paid for the individual items like when you split a bill. The rest is a great idea but needs to be more joined up.


Perhaps they could do like a header “shared tab name” with all the individual entries in smaller form underneath that. They could make them tapable for more information.

Edit: this would be done after a tab is finished of course

(Paul) #137

I’ve yet to settle a tab, but was wondering if the money paid back into my account would then adjust the Summary spending to compensate?

(Jack) #138

Nice addition would be the option to add a transaction to a tab via 3D touching the notification. Similar to the way you can flag as expenses.


Aren’t apple abandoning 3D touch? (as much as I unironically love it)

(Jack) #140

I also love it, but it seems they certainly are. It’s been replaced with haptic touch on the XR which is basically a long press rather than a harder press.