Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs 📑

(Tim) #101

Ah, I see what you mean!

I’m afraid you’re not supposed to be able to split the bill with yourself; we probably shouldn’t be letting you split the bill with your partner! :grimacing:


Trouble is that then breaks the budgets, if the money moving accounts isn’t via the magic routes then it’s income and doesn’t net off against the categories :worried:


Actually pretty much all my problems are caused by not being able to net off money coming in against budgets :smiley:

(Antoine A.) #104

:sweat: My heart is broken between Splitwise and Monzo now.
Can you please just buy them so I don’t have to choose :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Sam H) #105

Thank you for the clarification! :grin:

(Charlotte godley) #106

Me and my bf have used this heavily during our holiday - we started a tab every few days and then settle it so we don’t end up out of sync by too much financially, which is what we used to have to do manually.

One thing I’d really like is to be able to add non-monzo amounts, like e.g flight bookings or airbnbs which I usually pay on credit card to get extra protection. It’d also be nice if the requests I pay get a note saying “for tab x” with some way of linking it back to that tab.

Are either of these in the pipeline?

(Tim) #107

Yup, this will happen :slight_smile:

This is also something we’re thinking about! When you go to add a payment to the tab, we might add a “Add cash payment” option to the list, which just asks for the amount you paid :moneybag:

(Nathan) #108

Excellent news :tada:

Would this functionality be coming to normal billsplitting also? Needed to make summary work for myself

(Ben) #109

Is there a way in this to reimburse a personal account transaction from a joint account / vice versa?

Something I might do is buy something on my own account that should come from the joint, but only have one card.

If you can split with a joint account, I’m not sure how it’s done!

(connorianreilly) #110

Back from a long weekend end Rome. Worked perfectly zero complaints! :raised_hands:

(Radek Simko) #111

Thank you for this feature.

I went through the whole thread and most of the improvements/complaints I wanted to mention were already mentioned, so here’s just one that wasn’t:

Linking transactions with Tabs from both ends would IMO needs some care. i.e. I’d expect to tap on the transaction in the Tab screen to get to the transaction detail and vice-versa.

The hard question is how to approach others’ transactions - i.e. should I be able to see all details (total amount, location, raw merchant description, note, receipt, who else is paying and how much)? I assume it’s not easy to answer as it may differ per context - e.g. receipt & note may contain sensitive info (such as last 4 digits of the card) which folks may or may not want to share.

At the very least though I’d expect to see my own transactions linked (the ones which I paid) - which applies to simple bill splitting too actually (currently not linked).

(Sean Brown) #112

It would be great if you could amend the split amount for each transaction, for example, I pick up the dry cleaning for my flat mate and I but 80% of the bill is his rather than a fixed 50/50 split.

(Bruce) #113

One issue I’ve picked up is the inability to add credit.

Hotel takes a hold amount on arrival
Charge added to shared tab
Hotel refunds what is not spent of hold
Shared tab lands up having a higher amount than reality

(DT) #114

Agreed on this one…

Have been using this with a few friends and if we’re in the pub and food is ordered it’s not fair to split 50/50 if for instance someone has ordered a steak and I’ve ordered the soup.

Otherwise I’m loving it and makes paying and keeping track a lot easier.

(Susanne Hall) #115

Shared tabs would be better, I think l, if you could settle a tab, as it currently stands but keep it open to add future payments to

(Tim) #116

Very soon we’ll keep the tab open after you pay! :blush:

(Simon) #117

Works perfectly for me so far, works very well with my other half for food shopping and other bills


Looks great. Any idea how non-Monzo users will be implemented into shared tabs? Will it be by adding them via some kind of integration?

(Tim) #119

We haven’t yet worked out how we can include your friends in a tab if they’re not Monzo customers. I can’t say whether we’ll look at this in the future, or whether we’ll concentrate on something different entirely; but we’re not ruling it out :upside_down_face:

(Tim) #120

Thanks again for all your feedback! :raised_hands:

Here’s what we decided to work on for the past couple of weeks, and are hoping to get into the next app release:

Keeping a tab running after settling
We’ve seen a lot of reasons to change the current settlement behaviour:

  • It’s not clear what clicking “Settle” will do; many people find it surprising that it sends payment requests.
  • It’s weird that you can Decline payment requests.
  • You have to wait until the end to receive any money (as @priceaj pointed out!)
  • We want to support long-running tabs (e.g. flat shares), which are settled up regularly rather than at the end

We’d like to redesign Shared Tabs so that anyone who owes can pay at any time; if you’re owed, then you can send a reminder to nudge other people; and you can only close a tab once everyone has paid.

Splitting the bill unevenly
Several of you have requested the option to adjust how payments are split. While we think it’s easiest if all payments should be split equally by default, it would be useful if you can edit the amount each person will pay—just like Bill Splitting.

Make it obvious you can delete payments from a tab

Add a payment to an existing tab straight from the transaction details screen

Hopefully it’s interesting to hear what we’re thinking about – but I should re-iterate that we’ve put Shared Tabs into Labs as early access, so we may decide to release Shared Tabs to everyone before we do any of the above! :blush:

I previously said we were considering these things; I can now confirm that we are doing these things! :tada: (Please do not take this as indicative in the future that “Monzo are thinking about doing X” means “Monzo will definitely ship X” :stuck_out_tongue:)

On that note: we’re thinking about letting you add non-Monzo payments (such as cash) to a Tab in future :blush: