Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs πŸ“‘

(Charlie) #141

Yes but they are replacing it with haptic touch which is just holding down longer rather than pressing down harder. So the menu would still be a thing😊


I agree with this completely

(Jack) #143

Yes this, I was a bit like oh… when it came through as it did. Although it does have a link under each transactions to the settled tab.


I did notice that but it would be nice if it could work the same way split a bill does

(Peter Unitt) #145

Would be great if you could have the option to keep a tab open indefinitely. I have friends who often grab a bill one day and then I’ll pay for something the day after but it’s almost an ongoing arrangement and less of a one off situation. Being able to pay the balance occasionally would be great but then keep it open so you can add things again.

(Adam Kendrew) #146

I think they mentioned they would allow this in future updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Richard Cook) #147

Shared Tabs is now live! Please continue giving us your feedback here:

(Richard Cook) #148