Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs 📑

(Nathan) #61

Perfect, thanks for clarifying mate :+1:

(Stephen Early) #62

Sometimes we like to split tabs according to people’s (perceived!) ability to pay - eg. senior staff pay a bit more, junior staff pay a bit less. This could be implemented in the UI as buttons to jog people’s payments up or down prior to settlement: if one person’s payment goes up, everyone else’s goes down and vice versa.

(Gaming history: similar to the booty split in Puzzle Pirates!)

(Daniel) #63

This is awesome. Will really help for keeping track of bits and pieces at the weekends with my girlfriend which usually get settled at the end of the month and a trip coming with with my mate. You have the perfect feature list to work towards just by looking at splitwise… Monzo is getting closer and closer to becoming my one stop shop financial app.

(Carolyn Geldart) #64

Hi. Great feature. I’ve just set up a tab but would like to edit the name of it - please can this be introduced as a feature? Also will we be allowed to delete the tab altogether? Thank you.

(Tim) #65

You can’t delete a tab, but you can leave it. When you leave a tab, all your transactions will be removed from it. If everyone leaves, it’s pretty much deleted!


:face_with_monocle: Pretty much deleted, but not deleted?

(🦡🦡🦡🦡🍄🍄) #67

Schronigers tab, it exists simultaneously in a deleted and undeleted state

(Tim) #68

If everyone’s left and no-one can see it, can it really be said to exist?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? :deciduous_tree:


Just means all my crazilly named tabs will be clogging the servers somewhere.

(Tony) #70


(Rob) #71

Couldn’t rename a tab, this would probably be useful in case of typos. I tried to test the feature and named the tab ‘teat’ instead of ‘test’

(Rob) #72

Couldn’t seem to remove an item, what of you accidentally add the wrong item?

(Tim) #73

You certainly can: swipe left on the transaction. (We’re looking at making this easier to find!)

(Rob) #74

Ah got it. Wasn’t very sensitive had to swipe at it a few times.

(Graham James Phillips) #75

Absolutely love this feauture.

Just two things from me…

Would be great to be able to select a “credit” transaction in addition to transactions that “debit” your account. Perhaps a retailer refunds you for a portion of your spend.

In the summary it says “4 people still owe” but this necessarily isn’t correct - in this test example only 3 people owe (I am the 4th person) and they all owe me.

Best wishes

(Aaron Price) #76

I went out last night with 3 other people all of whom had Monzo. Did we use the shared tabs feature… No.

Why is that?

  1. Assumption that person paying has enough money to cover the bill upfront None of us use Monzo as our primary account, some use as our primary spending account, some just top up as and when. Therefore we needed to settle up midway through the night (especially towards the end!) so that people going to the bar could afford to buy full rounds on their monzo. This is not possible with the current model, it would have required new tabs to have been constantly settled and created, so it was easier to do it on a transaction by transaction basis using bill splitting. I’d rather manage these “tabs” as a single group of people or a single event, rather than a group of small transactions.

  2. Assumption that all bills are split equally Amounts are not customizable on a per transaction basis, so instances where people weren’t ordering equal value items, e.g. someone is driving so drinking soft drinks, one person is drinking cocktails which are double the price of drinks that others were drinking, one person ordered a bar snack, one person ordered a tap water etc couldn’t be catered for and would have to either be in a separate group (in which case I would have needed groups for all combinations of the 4 of us… So 11 groups!) or handled using bill splitting (much easier)

I’ve had a similar experience trying to use it for lunch, I often go out with the same person for lunch (who has Monzo) and often one of us pays and the other pays back via bill splitting, but I would like to just drop those transactions into a lunch group and be able to settle up on a periodic basis, and again recording exact spend is essential because I don’t want to pay for a 12" footlong meal deal everytime I go to subway when I buy a 6" on its own.

Also some feedback on the UI:

If I owe money in a tab and I click settle up, I expect that to make the payment to the tab, not create a separate request line on my account for me to have to go in to to make the payment. This again is a restriction on the tabs, rather than closing down the tab which is what it does currently, it should make the relevant payments to the owed parties and record that on the tab.

If I am owed money then clicking the button, should still send a request or a reminder notification to the owing parties. Maybe it would also be useful to see an upcoming notification in the transaction feed with the amount owed (as a credit or debit), like you would for an upcoming payment.

I’ve seen some mention of a shared kitty or pot where the money is placed in there upfront, although I can see cases where this would be useful e.g. going on a stag party abroad and buying alcohol for the room. I don’t think this is a solution to the problem in hand because again it assumes equal spending (i.e. it solves 1 but not 2). This would be useful as a separate feature away from the tabs feature, and would probably be a better solution to the problem tabs is currently trying to solve rather than the one it should be solving.

Overall, I think the implementation of this needs to go back to the drawing board, it is very limited in functionality and I personally think there are very limited use cases in its current form.

Splitwise would have handles this situation much better, but getting people to sign up for apps is half the battle!

(keithy) #77

Anyone had any luck with this yet? I set up a shared tab last night with a mate and all looked good.

At the end of the end of the evening he owed me about £17 and clicked settle. His app appeared to tell him he’d paid me, but I’ve not received any monies :frowning:

In my app the tab is closed showing he still owes me money

I’ve started in app chat to try and get to the bottom of this, but no response yet due to the current delays

(Aaron Price) #78

The settle option creates a payment request on the feed rather than settling the bill, I mentioned it above. He just needs to check his feed and accept the payment request

(keithy) #79

Thank you!

(Charlie) #80

Just a few things from me:

  • Would like to be able to rename a tab…
  • Maybe have like a group image for the shared tab?
  • The ability to change how much each person owes. If it’s me and 2 people in a tab then it’s not always equal spending.
  • Remove and add people to a shared tab.
  • Also it’s kind of annoying that when you settle a tab it just makes a request/pending transaction