Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs 📑

(Nathan) #41

I think what could work best here is kind of adding the existing bill split functionality ( for an individual transaction into the tab logic e.g multiple bill splits of individual transactions which are then totaled up for each person in the tab :slightly_smiling_face: if that makes sense

Transaction 1: £10 total- £6to me, £1 to john, £3 to sam
Transaction 2: £20 total - £10 to me, £5 to john, £5 to sam

Tab total: £16 to me, £6 to john, £8 to sam

(connorianreilly) #42

Definitely a great workaround. Would mean multiple transfers but not much of a hassle really!

(Micky) #43

That was my first thought


Just had the app crash after I decided to “Leave” a tab I had created between me and one other person, seems like a bug?

(Tim) #45

Is the app still crashing when you look at the Tab? :grimacing:

I think this is a known bug that I was just about to deploy a fix for…


I can’t see the tab anymore so can’t check.

It seems like the “Leave Tab” option triggered a crash but successfully removed me from the tab, so since reopening the app I now see the “Create a Shared Tab” option on the Request screen.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #47

I like the idea but it isn’t something I see myself using for the following reasons:

  • I mainly split things with my partner and for that we have a joint account.
  • I only tend to split 1 transaction. EG a lunch with colleagues. So for that I use split bills where you can set the amount each person owes manually.
  • If I was out splitting drinks for example. Instead of messing around with an app I’d just go with the traditional method of saying “It’s your round now” and working it that way.

Not saying that it is a bad idea but for me one that I don’t see a need for :slight_smile:


Great idea - I’ve set it up, but haven’t used it yet - will do some testing in the next few days.

Something Google Pay have started doing is presenting your American Express transactions. So, if your Amex card is linked to Google Pay, you’re notified of the transaction each time it’s used. What will be great is if Monzo also did this, and I could track my Amex transactions within Monzo, and use the Shared Tabs feature when required. I can’t think of any competitive reasons Monzo would do this (Monzo is a bank, Amex is a credit card) - happy to be proven wrong though!

Again, Shared Tabs is a great idea - I’m looking forward to using it!


If nothing else, it’s interesting to see how other people would use it.

Like you, I have no reason to “split” anything (being a married man with a joint account) - But I could certainly see myself trying to convince some Uni friends to sign up to Monzo for this (back in the day).

(David I) #50

I thought of a scenario for this from a recent event.

I went Go Karting with some friends. When I booked I paid for the full event however some people had a voucher, One of the other people paid for drinks while we were there.

Karting Costs
Me £15
GF £15
Friend 1 £15
Friend 2 £15
Friend 3 £30

Me £5
GF £5
Friend 1 £2.50
Friend 2 £0
Friend 3 £0

Being able to “settle up” this as a tab after would be really awesome. When this is a little more refined I will definitely be using it loads.

(connorianreilly) #51

If it’s a group holiday for example. The ability to add payments of different amounts, and to split between different number of people are essential features!

Thinking splitwise esque.

(Sam H) #52

Does anyone know how this would work with foreign currency transactions? Would the Tab update once the transaction had settled, or would it be best to add the transaction to the Tab once the transaction has settled?

I’m off to Eastern Europe with a Monzo account holder friend in a couple of weeks so this could be really useful :grin:

(Nathan) #53

Maybe someone who has tried this already how does this work when person x makes a transaction and person y makes the other? Does monzo do the math automatically and tells who owes who what?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #54

It doesn’t need to.

Person X would add their transaction to the tab and person Y would add theirs. All the tab does is add up all the transactions that are added and divides them equally between everyone in there.

(Tim) #55

When the amount on the transaction updates (e.g. Pay at Pump, or foreign payments), the payment will be updated in the Tab too, as long as it’s still open :+1:

(Sam H) #56

That’s awesome! Sounds like it’s perfect for group holidays then :smile:

(Nathan) #57

Ok again i havent used so maybe you can confirm what happens with the below case.

Person x : transaction 1 - £30 comes from x’s account?
Person y : transaction 2 - £20 comes from y’s account?

Then to settle up… y owes x £5? Or how does this work?

Again i havent used it yet but seen there can only be 50/50 splits with this yes?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #58

Yes at the moment it can only be split equally amongst all the people that you added to the shared tab. So in your example each person would owe £25 :slight_smile:

(Nathan) #59

So would person y be requested to pay x £5 in this case?

Sorry, just trying to get my head around it all lol


Exactly right. Very basic example, but you are bang on.