Monzo Labs: Hide 'Left to Spend'

I like this, but as others have said, it looks a bit too bare.

When left to spend is turned off, why not just have it like other banks would have it? So:

Account balance: £50
Available balance: £550

In that case it’s £50 in the black and £500 overdraft to spend. If into overdraft by £50:

Account balance: -£50
Available balance: £500

It fills the gap better.


But I don’t have an overdraft, so it’s either balance or nothing? Pointless second line for me. #devilsadvocate

Nor do I but in that case either both amounts to be the same figure or for those with no OD Just “available balance” would show.

Hide “left to spend” gets my vote. It’s clean and fresh, maybe put overdraft details under balance (if you have one), but apart from that I like it.

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As of around now–ish, UK banks are no longer allowed to factor in an overdraft when displaying ‘available’ funds.


I’d go with that, but wait Joint accounts don’t have overdrafts :see_no_evil:

So by logical definition, Joint Accounts (which don’t have overdrafts) are now the most legally accurate accounts to have when showing the ‘Left to Spend’/‘available’ funds? [Does this qualify as a question?]

I/we use a Monzo JA exclusively for day-to-day finances. So far, NOT having an O/D has been a major benefit to our credit control and finance planning. And Left-to-Spend is an absolute cornerstone to that (no-additional-credit-available) financial outlook.

I just enabled it and looks good to me. I keep all my money in pots and give myself a weekly allowance to stop me blowing it all at once so the left to spend didn’t really work for me.


For my penny’s worth… Left to spend on the home screen is a crucial feature. If hiding it is being considered, it should be optional.


It is for me too.

It is (at least on :android:);

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It is on iOS too

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Obviously it’s optional whilst in labs. But if it graduates from labs, the choice to keep left to spend should be available in settings.


Hey all, don’t worry - we’re not testing hiding it for everyone.

When this leaves Labs there’ll still be the choice to show Left to Spend / budget progress on the home tab, this toggle is just a stop-gap solution for people who find the current default behaviour confusing or annoying.

My hope is that we find a solution that is more holistic than just show/hide on home screen, but is rather:

  • I don’t want an overall budget (so just show my Balance on Home tab and Summary)
  • I want to use automatic budgeting (our current default behaviour, that isn’t well explained)
  • I want to set a manual budget (a current option, that isn’t well explained)

@Jami Add to that left to spend as a daily amount to stop me getting the calculator out?

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One thing that’s been bugging me: if my left to spend figure is negative (ie my committed spend is greater than my balance) it just shows as £0 left. I have to go into Summary to see how much I’m out by. Is not showing the figure on the home screen a deliberate design choice? (Personal preference would be to show the negative amount).


In all honesty, I don’t think Overdraft usage was properly considered when we worked on Summary.

I think it’s something that needs a general re-think when we swing back to budgeting.


Left to spend is one of my the main reason I use Monzo, so I really hope the testing of this doesn’t mean it’ll be going away in future. :grin:

As @Jami has said, it will be there.

Oh yes! Thank you. This was my biggest complaint about the new design. Having something telling me I’m going to be overdrawn every month (even when I’m not) was frustrating. Glad I can get rid of it now!

I have hidden it as I don’t use it but completely agree that this should be optional